5 Ways Increase Or How To Make You More Productivity At Work, According To Research

     All businesses certainly can not be separated from the role of employees, without employees it is difficult to make the business become larger, which is required here, of course the productive employees. This Is 5 tips and tricks ways increase or how to make you more productivity at work. But sometimes stress and other factors can make workers feel too sluggish to work more productively. The good news is, science can help you be more productive at work.

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       As it turns out, little things like the color of office decor or where employees sit can make all the difference in the work world to improve performance. Even changing the way, you drink your coffee can have a bigger impact on you than you realize.

The following is 5 ways increase or how to make you more productivity at work.

1. Try Setting New Seating Positions

Changing Sitting positions can increase your productivity while working. Research Christian Catalini, Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's, told the Wall Street Journal that grouping workers together with departments can foster focus and efficiency, but mixing them can also lead to innovation.

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And University of Pennsylvania management professor, Sigal Barsade says that workers' dispositions can really be contagious, so grouping people based on their temperament can really impact on the company's work environment.

The Wall Street Journal also reports on several companies that have experimented with different seating arrangements and have seen interesting results. Found that grouping their executives together makes employees feel like they are too far away from the company, for example placing new employees in a particular area based on their personality and work habits that can really change the dynamics of different groups in the office.

For those of you who have a monotonous seating position, start rearranging the seating position so that you feel comfortable in the work and certainly can improve the productivity and quality of your work.

2. Allowing The Natural Light At Work

One way employers can increase productivity in the workplace is by ensuring their employees get plenty of natural light exposure throughout the day. Research at Chicago's Northwestern University from the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program shows that employees who work in offices with windows that are exposed to sunlight, 173 percent better than those working in windowless offices, according to Psychology Today.

How To Make You More Productivity At Work

The study also found that employees working in windowless at offices average an average of 40-46 minutes more per night, experiencing better sleep quality and efficiency, and reporting a higher quality of living values than those who do not. Employees working in the windowless office report more sleep disturbances and daytime dysfunction. This is because the lack of natural light can interfere with the circadian rhythms of their bodies and even cause a disruption of seasonal productivity.

 If the office or room does not have a window nearby, you can modify your workplace by creating a new window or buying light boxes or therapy lights that mimic natural outdoor light.

3.  Decorate The Work Space With The Right Color

Well, it is very important to decorate your work room so as not monotonous, To maintain inspiration, creativity, and high productivity, make sure your office walls are not naked white. A University of Texas study looked at the impact of color on productivity, finding that white walls are very bad for productivity and work quality.

This study tested three groups of people by asking them to work in three different rooms of each color red, aqua and white. Worker subjects make more mistakes in white space than in others.

"White does not help us be more productive, and most of the working environment is white, or gray," says researcher Nancy Kwallek, noting that blue or blue-green shades seem to be the best choice for office color schemes.

Another study by the University of British Columbia found that red can improve employee performance with detail-oriented tasks, while blue calms and enhances creativity and communication. The color green is also great for inspiring innovation and creativity. however, yellow can cause anxiety and frustration, and gray can cause energy loss and depression, it seems that the meaning of a color here is so important to decorate the work space more interesting.   

For those of you who still have a work space with a monotonous color, start to create with color and design a suitable motif that can increase productivity and quality of your work.

4. Try Drinking a cup of Coffee and taking a nap for a while

 When you feel lethargic at work, you might be better off switching to a cup of coffee and a little rest or a short nap. But coffee or nap may not be much help, some studies show that combining the two might improve your productivity.

Drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a 20-minute break to nap thereafter, greatly helps to increase your productivity. According to Vox, Caffeine works by blocking adenosine (high levels of adenosine make you feel tired) in the brain to keep you awake - but it can not block adenosine from all your brain receptors. So that's where the role of nap is helpful because sleep also naturally clears adenosine from the brain.

Taking a nap for 15 to 20 minutes ensures that you will get a little rest without having to get into a deep sleep, and you'll wake up just in time and be more excited. And a study from the Japan University of Hiroshima found that the combination of the two most effective to improve performance, with effects that last for about an hour after waking. So, entrepreneurs, you might want to invest with coffee and give nap time to your employees?

5. Take Rest Together 

Everyone needs one or two breaks during the workday. But as it turns out, taking a break along with your coworkers, can have a big impact on your performance.

According to a study conducted by Sociometric Solutions, Massachusetts-based business management services, Providing an opportunity for employees to take breaks together can increase productivity and reduce stress,

For those of you who work in groups please plan the place and break time together with the atmosphere full of a joke of course.

So what would you apply to improve your productivity? It all depends on your choice. good luck. 

So it is 5 Ways Increase Or How To Make You More Productivity At Work, According To Research, According to Research, I hope this article useful and please distributed to colleagues and friends around you in order to increase productivity while working.