Best Suggestions Vacation Tour And Travel Tips Holiday With Family

         Anyone you definitely need refreshing. Beautiful atmosphere, cool and bright that makes your body and mind refreshed after a tiring activity. At a time when the mind and physically tired, it's time to restore the freshness with a picnic, tour or any form that restores your vitality. However, to enjoy the fresh atmosphere needed vacation tour and travel tips.
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For holidays with family and friends, we need preparation before leaving. So that everything can run smoothly. Involve all members during the holiday process with the family. This is best suggestions vacation tour and travel tips holiday with family :

1. Hunting Information and Planning Vacation travel

Adventures without guides are exciting and thrilling. However, there is no harm in hunting as much information as possible before leaving for Vacation Tour And Travel. Plan your vacation well, make itinerary and places to be visited along with pictures, such as natural tourist destinations. 

Discuss schedules and places to visit during travel and vacations with the family.

Learn the crops that can be trodden or should not be trodden that you will pass for the trekking track.

When deciding on diving or snorkeling at sea, search for information on the type of coral reefs that are harmed or dangerous animals that might make the holiday agenda a mess. Learn about the obstacles that may be encountered during the trip. You do not want the holiday to fall apart due to many mistakes during the holidays.

If your time coincides with the peak of the holiday season, then you can book tickets and hotels well in advance. With good preparation, you will get enough information to get cheap hotels and tickets.

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2. Prepare Equipment Vacation Tour and Travel

Have family members to collect the items they need for activities during holidays and travel. Put the items in the suitcase that has been determined. Label in such a way that all family members can clearly recognize the suitcase specified for each activity when vacation.

Give each family member a small bag to carry in the car and use it to put the items to use during the trip. Give them a list of items to fill, such as reading materials, stationery, tissues, and plastic bags for bins. Let them know that each of them is responsible for the items they carry and put them back in the bag after wearing an item. Label names in each bag and stuff. Put food in the middle and away from the reach of small children, and give it only when it is eaten.

Specify the suitcases for items used in certain activities, such as swimming or water-playing equipment, formal attire, playing in the park, and horseback riding, fishing, and others.

Prepare clothes according to where we are headed. When to the coastal areas or cities with hot weather, you should prepare clothes with ingredients that easily absorb sweat. Conversely, when heading to the top or the mountains use thick clothing, jackets or sweaters and blankets.

After you have packed the items that will be used for the activity during the holidays, pack the items used in the order of the day. Put the smallest children's utensils together with larger children's items or adults responsible for bathing and dressing them. Label the suitcase according to the name of the person who will use it, as well as the wardrobe of underwear, socks, sleepwear, and ordinary clothes to taste in accordance with the number of day trips. Have each individual to tidy up the items from their room and put them in a suitcase.

Family toiletries can be placed in special carry-on bags for wearing together, or special for larger children into their own bags, using adhesive pouches to avoid liquefied objects from spilling on clothing if the packaging is leaked or broken. Make sure that they bring shampoo, soap, deodorant, brush and toothpaste, and a razor when needed.

But what is the meaning of travel if the ends just make dirty tourist destinations and damaged. Although it has paid retribution or money cleanliness and security, does not mean you can make litter carelessly. Some tourist destinations, especially holiday nature, also do not provide a trash for visitors. So, very suggestions to start getting used to carrying a trash bag or preparing a special place to hold the leftovers that have been used.

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3. Prepare Food and Drinks During Vacations

If you have to prepare your own food during the trip, bring a special place for cutlery and cooking utensils. These items include glasses, plates, bowls, spoons, sharp knives, rice and vegetable bowls, large bowls, pots, tablecloths, dish soap, napkins, large basins for washing dishes, As well as equipment to light a fire.

When packing groceries, think carefully for each meal according to the itinerary and the items needed to prepare it. Packing the groceries with regard to any ingredients that need to be stored in the refrigerator before or after the meal. Drinks should not contain soda, to avoid nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness.

When traveling long and takes a day to reach the destination, keep drinking lots of fluids every day to avoid dehydration. You do not have to worry about the urge to urinate, you can break for a moment somewhere.

When you go with a group, you do not have to worry about food because it must be provided by the committee. But if you have certain diseases that have rules about dietary patterns and so you should bring food from home as recommended by your doctor. Similarly, for people with ulcer disease, you should bring a lot of snacks so that no disturbance in your stomach during the trip because the stomach is empty.

If you want to taste the food in the restaurant should recognize the place to be in the stopover. If necessary ask your friends and colleagues who have visited the place before. 

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4. Bringing Medicine

Drugs that are brought are personal medicines and vitamins that you must drink every day, other than that drugs that overcome the symptoms of the disease commonly experienced during travel, such as headache medicine, pain reliever, cold medicine/cough, ulcer medicine, Diarrhea medication and eye drops. If you are carrying a child, you should bring a hot medicine syrup or cough medicine because usually, the child's physical is not so strong and difficult to sleep during long trips so easily affected by colds.

If you go to coastal areas or tropical forests, try to get reliable information whether are still a malaria endemic area or a lot of people who have recently developed the disease in the area. Does not mean to scare, but just remind you to be more alert to the environment that will be addressed with the family. 

Bringing Medicine when travelling with family

Provide UV 30 SPF sunblock to avoid burning your skin due to sun exposure. In addition, for those who vacation to the hot area to prepare anti-mosquito lotion also. Mosquitoes not only disturb us during the holidays but also risk to bring the disease, we should be wary of mosquito bites, especially Aedes Aegepty and Anopheles mosquitoes.

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5. Communication Tool

For this, usually, we can not forget. The mobile phone etc. is already a 'must' device for us and is like a 'friend'. But you should not forget to bring the charger and battery backup considering the trip far enough. When the journey is still far away, and the battery is 'dying' Should be reduced the use of mobile phones for things that are not important considering the possibility of an emergency where the phone is very necessary.

6. Other Equipment

Do not forget to bring ID cards, ATM cards, cameras, practical bags versatile etc. must be very useful to accompany you on vacation.

Prepare spare money to taste. Never ever you go to a place far enough while you bring a little money. This will be difficult for you, especially if the place is quite remote and does not provide credit transactions.

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7. Conditions to Consider Before Going on Vacation:

a). Make sure your physical condition and the family in good health before leaving. Try to get enough sleep the day before leaving, and when bringing a child, make sure he does not sleep too late. And eat at home before leaving.

b). Check the itinerary shortly before leaving with family members to ensure that you have brought all the things you need, then put them in the car so that the suitcases are arranged in sequence in the order of time of use during the holidays. 

c). Spend some time praying or for a moment's silence before you leave. This is usually done to remember things you might have forgotten before! 

d). If you bring a private vehicle, plan a travel route well. Make sure the places where you want to go and about how long the journey will take. Bring a map and GPS for a more definite trip and no stray. Lost in the street becomes a serious problem because it can spend considerable time and cost. Remember that travel delays will make your vacation uncomfortable. Check to see if your vehicle is eligible for use. Make sure the car has changed oil, check carefully for a week before leaving, check the condition of tires and spare tires. Prepare also practical equipment in the car.  

e). When you bring a baby, Check the car seat is comfortable for him. Prepare a versatile bag, diapers, change clothes, wet wipes, plastic bags to throw diapers. The baby's regular schedule is kept awake in terms of eating, changing diapers to avoid diapers rash, sleeping etc., do not let his schedule change due to travel.  

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8. Activities That Can be Enjoyed While You Are On Vacation:

a). Exercise: moderate exercise just like the morning walk, push ups, sit ups etc so that your body still feels fit when walking.
travel and vacations

b). Routine Obligation: Try to keep it done well. Sometimes because of a fun holiday is usually the schedule of eating, worship or rest we were so irregular.
c). Strive to keep the food complete with calories, protein, vegetables, and fruit to suit our needs. Usually, we are too busy eating snacks at the holiday location with no control so that our bodies tend to 'swell' after the holidays.
d). And still, drink 8 glasses of water (not soda or caffeine) every day. Similarly, with the rest time, usually, because fun to chat, play or shopping, without we realize the time of sleep was so missed and finally when returning from a picnic and back to work we fell ill.
e). Hobbies: Complete your vacation by doing your hobby in your spare time. Taking pictures, fishing, swimming, mountain climbing, surfing, etc. definitely feels much more fun when done in a place with a new atmosphere and beautiful scenery. 

f). Greetings: deepen friendship by getting to know closer friends and family who join the holiday. Being friendly and friendly with the people around will bring many benefits. We will get many new friends and the holidays will be more enjoyable when visiting tourist destinations, especially in remote areas. Without talking and asking local people, the information and experience that we get are probably not far from the results of browsing on the internet. This conversation also gave birth to new networking experiences and networks.
g). Take photos as needed, if the intention of traveling to seek an injection of spirit, and a new experience, Try photo activity is not so main. Photos indeed become authentic proof and memoirs if we ever visited and felt the experience somewhere. However, do not forget the tourist destinations visited also belong to the public. Other visitors also want to get the same facilities, to keep in mind, do not let the activities perpetuate this portion of the picture takes up most of the holiday time.  One more thing to remember, hunting the best photos also do not forget the safety.  

f). Buy a gift: do not forget any friends or relatives at home. Sufficient souvenirs or typical regional food has been very quite entertaining them.

Holiday trips with family can be fun for the whole family when we take the time to include them in the preparation and packing process. Children will know things that are expected of them, and parents are not too stressed. All will be happy to look forward to a fun day with beloved family.
Have a good vacation!