How To Backup My Phone On Google

Backup is one of the most important things for Android users. By doing a backup then we will minimize the loss of data on Android, such as photos, music, SMS, and more. How to backup data Android also very many variations. This time I will discuss how to back up my phone on google. Sometimes for new to use Gadget OS or Android still confusion to back up data, but it is not difficult if you know the shortcut. For Android owners, Google has provided cloud storage service that can be used to store and sync all the data on the phone easily and quickly. So, you can safely replace your Android smartphone without fear of data loss.

Smartphones and tablets Android is a sophisticated mobile device, besides utilized for as a communication tool, Android devices can also be used as a means of storing files or data. Data that can be accommodated diverse from storing photos, videos to other files including applications. With the convenience of it is no wonder many smartphone users prefer smartphones with the base android.
How To Backup My Phone On Google

In addition to the features offered by Android smartphone is very diverse and certainly interesting, you can install applications and games that are in google play store. Moreover, usually android smartphone currently has a pretty good specs, given the price of the Android mobile phone is cheaper than other smartphones, but make no mistake the price can be cheap but the average quality is really good. But still must be selective in choosing, make sure also the tablet device or smartphone that you buy the original quality.

Backup the phone is something that is very important

With a variety of advantages that exist, then you must store really data that may be very important in your android smartphone that you use. By keeping the memory there is no lost data, therefore we need to protect the smartphone to avoid the things that are not in want. If your phone is too slow loading, you can read an article how to make android phone run faster just one click.

Some of the files that you backup will now be easier, you can backup the file data in android without software application and certainly no need to fret anymore. Because the service from Google, called Google Backup Data is available in all types of android with activating it, google data backup also use internet network for its backup. 

When activating a new smartphone, you just register the desired account in accordance with backup settings on the previous smartphone. When you sync a new smartphone, old data will be automatically copied.

Here is a tutorial how to back up phone on google

  • Make sure your Android phone is connected to the internet network
  • Press 'Home' button to enter the Home screen, then select menu.
  • Select Settings
setting backup phone

  • Next, select "Backup & Reset". For this option, it usually depends on the version of Android used. There are directly select from the settings menu, there is also a must enter the option "Privacy" or in the tab "Accounts".

  • You will get several options in the "Backup & Reset" options, such as 'Back up my data', 'Backup account', 'Automatic restore' and 'Factory data reset'. 
  • Make sure you enable the "Backup my data" and Automatic restore "options. 

backup and restore android

  • To specify a backup account, select the "Backup account" option. Here, you can use a Google account already registered, or you can add another account.

  • If you create a new Google account, just select "Add account." Next, select "New" to start registering.

android cloud backup

  • Then continue the sync process using Google Back Up.
  • Then you can find the list of data to be synchronized.
  • Then select the data to be backed up or to be more practical you can choose everything to backup. 

Very Easy backup Android data without software is accurate, this way is very easy because it does not need another disk to store it simply use Google Backup data to store it.

Google Backup is an app on all Android devices. This application will backup WiFi password, Application settings, and also application data. To use it you simply follow the tutorial how to back up my phone on google as above. All backed up data will then be stored in your Google account.

That's how I Backup And Sync Data With Easy On Android this time, hopefully, can benefit for you all. Well, see you in other article postings.