How To Make Android Phone Run Faster Just One Click

You may include one who does not like if android smartphone is in use slow. For that I will describe how to make android phone runs faster just one click. This method is quite WOW and powerful to maximize the performance of RAM on our Android, especially Android the Low End. Speeding up Android with one click here takes advantage of the 1 Tap Boost feature on the Clean Master Application which is phenomenal and very useful for our Android performance.

Do not know Clean Master? Clean master is the most widely downloaded Android Device and RAM Utility in the world from the top 10 developers. This app gets Rank # 1 from utilities category 

Okay just follow this how to make android phone run faster just one click by tips and trick android easy.

  • Download dan Install Application Clean Master di play store (free)  
Install Application Clean Master

  • Open the Clean Master Application Installed

  • Click Menu Memory Boost View Picture below :

Make Android Phone Run Faster
Memory Boost
  • Next we Activate Widget 1 Tap Boost, How to click Menu in the top right corner, Then select Create Widget, more details see the sequence of images 

Make Android Phone Run Faster
Create Widget

  • Next Click CREATE, it will appear a Small Widget on your home screen. The widget name is 1 Tap Boost which we will use to speed up RAM Performance on Android with just one Click.
How To Make Android Phone Run Faster Just One Click

  • Check your Home Screen if there is already Widget 1 Tap Boost, if not there please repeat way above again.The function of the "1 Tap Boost" button is to free your Android RAM from Applications that take a huge memory load. By pressing this button, then the running Application will be shut down, because basically, Android does not actually turn off Application when we get out of it.
  • Now To Accelerate Your Android Performance, just stay Tap / Click the Widget 1 Tap Boost that is already in your Home Screen Android. Then it will automatically work by itself to stop some of the applications that are running on your android phone.
  • When done, now see and compare the results before and after you use 1 Tap Boost. 

How To Make Android Phone Run Faster

Goodbye Android slow, so tips and tricks about short tutorial How To Make Android Phone Run Faster Just One Click may be useful for all of you who use handphone android.
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