Diesel Engine Hard To Start When Cold

The cause of car difficult to starter, Ever experienced a car hard to starter? Of course, this is annoying, is not it? Especially if your condition is in a hurry. This will only hamper your journey. Or while away on vacation and the car cannot be turned on. Events like this sometimes ruin your vacation. Cars are difficult to starter usually in the morning or when the engine is hot. But, what makes the car difficult to turn on? In this article, we will discuss the cause of the diesel engine hard to start when cold and how to cope.

There are two conditions when the car is difficult in the starter that is when the morning and when the engine is hot. When we already know these two conditions will happen, then we can anticipate the occurrence of difficult machines turned on. Through this article, we will discuss it completely.

When Cold Machine

In the morning almost everyone who has a vehicle before the use of traveling must heat the car engine first. Not unfamiliar also if the car is hard on the starter when the engine is still cold. Conditions like this car sometimes difficult to guess. If the cold engine is easily ignited, but when the machine is difficult on the starter. Anything that makes the car hard on the starter when the engine is cold? There are several causes.

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1. Problems with dirty injector nozzles

If you feel the car feels powerless and unable to run fast, there is the possibility of nozzles and injector dirty. Dirty injectors/nozzles will lead to fuel supply disruption to the combustion chamber resulting in reduced engine performance. Ideally, fuel is sprayed by nozzles into the combustion chamber in the form of perfect bursts (such as concentrated fog), the smaller the diesel particles are ejected, then the combustion will last well. Conversely, if the nozzle is dirty, then the fuel burst into the combustion chamber cannot be misty consequently burning occurs less good.

For that need to do maintenance/cleaning dirty nozzles are often used language "purging". Some diesel car workshop can serve purging (with special purging medicine and certain purging method) so that the result of machine performance will return prime.

Another possibility that occurs when the diesel engine hard to start when cold is a problem with the flow of fuel, there is the possibility of nozzles and injector dirty. Dirty injectors/nozzles will lead to fuel supply disruption to the combustion chamber resulting in reduced engine performance

2. There is a problem with the battery

If when the car is turned on, will not turn on and the starter motor does not spin, then the possibility of causing the car difficult in the starter because there is a problem on the battery or battery voltage. If the weak battery causes a car that cannot start because the car is not enough power to start the engine. To check and measure the battery voltage or this battery can use voltmeter or multimeter.

Then, how to solve it? The first thing you can do is to drain the battery. If you want to start the car engine then, get someone else's help to push it.

There are some things you need to consider for difficult car problems in the starter because this battery can be minimized, namely: Always maintain the surface clean batteries. If the battery surface looks crusty or somewhat greenish, either in positive or negative terminals, quickly clean it with warm water.

In addition, if the car engine cannot be in the starter, then do not directly shock the battery.

This is to prevent the occurrence of large flow when the car will be turned on. In addition, it can become a habit if done continuously. And the last one, if your car is rarely used, but do not forget to keep heating the car engine. Cars that are rarely used can lead to cold and difficult machines to start when it is about to be used.

3. There is the problem on the radiator temperature sensor

The temperature sensor or WTS (Water Temperature Sensor) and often called ECT (Engine Coolap Temperature) serves to detect the temperature of the water radiator on the engine and sends the signal to the ECU. The cause of the car is difficult to start one of them is because there is a problem in this temperature regulator system. If the WTS is problematic then it automatically affects the injection system on the car.

As a result, the car can not light up on the starter. One way, you might be able to change the radiator flow path without passing WTS. However, this way can only be done on certain types of cars and be careful if you do. Do not even further damage your car.

4. There is a problem with the fuel pump

One of the reasons car is difficult to start in the morning is because there is a problem with the fuel pump. Fuel pumps are very important functions in the car because to pump fuel from the tank to fuel injection pump. When the fuel pump is weak, the fuel flow becomes non-current and the car will be difficult to turn on.

To overcome this, you can check your car fuel pump or take your car to the nearest garage.

Another possibility that occurs when the diesel engine hard to start when cold is a problem with the flow of fuel. This fuel flow is a system in the car that is where the fuel is stored safely. In the flow of this fuel also to deliver fuel to the engine and so that fuel fueled and mixed with air.

Check the fuel flow system. This is because the flow may work when the engine cools and unfortunately does not run on a machine that is in hot condition. If this condition occurs, you should take your car to the to the nearest garage.

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5. Low Compression

The diesel engine is a self-combustion engine that does the combustion process without the need for sparks. This can happen because the air temperature when compressed exceeds fire flash the diesel fuel.

If the compression pressure drops, the current temperature of compression also drops automatically. Diesel fuel will be difficult to burn. It causes a machine is difficult to start.

Compression pressure down can be caused because the air in the cylinder space decreases during the compression step. This can happen because of a leak in the engine.

There are several things that can cause leakage of compression among others:
worn out on the cylinder wall
worn out on the compression ring
Damage seal injector
Uncovered valve

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6. Fuel pressure decreases

Both conventional engines and common-rail engines both require fuel pressure because, without fuel pressure, fuel will not come out of the injector.

Fuel pressure on diesel is also unmitigated, can reach 2000 Kg / cm2. Imagine how big the fuel pressure is, therefore on the diesel fuel system we see a hose made of iron.

The working principle of diesel fuel system is by opening the nozzle on the injector during the work step so that high-pressure fuel automatically comes out in the form of fog.

If the fuel pressure decreases, the fuel automatically cannot resist the compression pressure, if it is able to exit is not in the form of fog.

The cause of this declining fuel pressure can be caused by damage to the injection pump. Generally, the pump is located before the injector can be in the engine block or behind the cylinder head. This pump works mechanically that is driven by a crank machine.

To find out, we need to test the fuel pressure using diesel fuel tester.

In addition, the damaged injector can also cause fuel pressure to drop. Common-rail systems that often get this problem. In common-rail, we recognize a pipe that separates the hose from the pump and the hose into the injector. This pipe we know as fuel rail that serves to accommodate and distribute diesel fuel pressure from the pump to the injector.

If one of the injectors breaks down, the fuel will come out of the injector without being controlled. So the other injectors that are still normal cannot afford to ignite the fuel.

Injector failure conditions can occur due to not able to withstand the high diesel pressure and due to non-standard overhaul. Common rail injectors are different from conventional injectors, both components and working principles are also different. So if done repairs with perfunctory can worsen the condition of the injector.

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7. Turbocharger problematic

Currently, diesel engines have adopted turbo technology with special settings (VNT, VGT, VCDI) three of these labels must have you encountered on a diesel engined SUV.

What does it do? namely to regulate the air supply so as not to overboost and underboost in each machine condition. At the previous point, we discussed the importance of high compression pressure. The turbocharger also provides functionality by helping air supply to the engine so that more air is compressed.

If this regulatory system is problematic, automatic engine performance will be interrupted. diesel engine won't starts when cold, The most frequent problem is the underboost or reduced air supply due to turbo vane as the boost pressure turbo controller does not open.

This problem is fairly advanced because it is difficult to detect, to check it also needs a special tool in the form of scanners that can detect the position of the turbo vane and detect Mass air flow engine.

Usually, there are other symptoms that follow such as losing power and check engine is on. The best solution, take your vehicle to the official workshop for scanning.

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There are various things that cause the diesel engine hard to start when cold. However, as long as it can still be fixed, the problem can certainly be solved. Before bringing it to the workshop, fix everything that can still be solved alone. However, when not able to fix it, immediately bring your car to the nearest garage.

So our brief article on the cause of diesel engine hard to start in the morning and how to overcome, hopefully, can add our insight and useful.