Diesel Mechanic Automotive Repair

automotive repair - The healthy machine that is the machine that when turned on, only need one-time cranking. That is, in one machine start should be able to live. If your diesel engine needs three to five start times to live, then there is a problem? What is the problem? whether mechanical, electrical, or fuel problems, see the causes of diesel engines following the start.

The problem of the engine that is difficult to turn on actually not only attack the automotive car with a diesel engine but gasoline-fueled engines is also susceptible to this problem. but diesel engines are often times the problem is difficult to turn on. The reason, diesel has more extreme mechanical work cycles.

In general, there are two types of diesel engines that we can meet at this time,

• Conventional Diesel, which uses conventional fuel systems. Example; trucks and buses
• Diesel Commonrail, Has Tech Electric injection, so the fuel supply is more controllable. Example; on the SUV.

The problem of a machine that is difficult to run if the starter, can happen to both types of machines. But in some cases, Diesel tech common rail is more sensitive so if not treated properly can accelerate the mechanical damage problem of the machine.

Detect Automotive Repair Diesel Engine Damage

There are several classic causes that can cause this trouble, among others

1. Low fuel pressure and decreased
Both conventional engines and common-rail engines equally require fuel pressure because, without fuel pressure, diesel will not come out of the injector.

Fuel pressure on diesel is also unmitigated, can reach 2000 Kg / cm2. Imagine how big the fuel pressure is, therefore in the diesel fuel system we see a hose made of iron.

The working principle of the diesel fuel system is by opening the nozzle on the injector during the step of business so that high-pressure diesel automatically comes out in the form of absorbing.

If the fuel pressure decreases, the fuel automatically cannot resist the compression pressure, if it is able to exit is not in the form of absorbing.

The cause of this decreased solar pressure can be caused by damage to the injection pump. Generally, the pump is located before the injector can be in the engine block or behind the cylinder head. This pump works mechanically that is driven by a crank machine.

Diesel Mechanic Automotive Repair

To find out, we need to test the fuel pressure using diesel fuel tester.

In addition, a broken injector can also cause fuel pressure to fall. Common-rail systems that often get this problem. In common-rail, we recognize a pipe that separates the hose from the pump and the hose into the injector. This pipe we know as fuel rail that serves to accommodate and distribute diesel fuel pressure from the pump to the injector.

If one of the injectors breaks down, the diesel will come out of the injector without being controlled. So the other injectors that are still normal cannot afford to diesel.

Injector failure conditions can occur due to not able to withstand the high diesel pressure and the consequences of non-SOP. Common rail injectors are different from conventional injectors, both components and working principles are also different. So if the service with perfunctory can worsen the condition of the injector.

2. There is air in the fuel line
if there is air in the fuel line will cause your car to break down, this is due to a leak in the fuel line. Where when the sheep suck fuel from the tank, then the air was also sucked along with fuel and will go into the fuel line.

How to repair a diesel engine problem like this is:

if your fuel filter indicator light is on, then dispose of the water in your fuel filter by turning the discharge bolt under the fuel filter, after the air is wasted, close again. Then repeatedly press the fuel sieve pump until no more air is left in the fuel line.

3. Low compression air pressure
The diesel engine is a self-combustion engine that does the combustion process without the need for sparks. This can happen because the air temperature when compressed exceeds the diesel fuel.

If the compression pressure drops, then the temperature at compression also goes down automatically, diesel fuel will be difficult to burn. It causes a machine that is difficult to start.

Compression pressure down can be caused because the air in the cylinder space decreases during the compression step. This can happen because of a leak in the engine.

There are several things that can cause leakage compression, among others:

  • Wear on the cylinder wall
  • Wear compression ring
  • Damage seal injector
  • the valve that is not tight

4. Mechanical Turbocharger problematic
Currently, diesel engines have adopted turbo technology with special settings (VNT, VGT, VCDI) three of these labels must have you encountered on a diesel engined SUV.

What does it do? namely to regulate the air supply so as not to overboost and underboost in each machine condition. At the previous point, we discussed the importance of high compression pressure. Turbo also provides assistants by helping air supply to the engine so that more amount of air is compressed.

If this regulatory system is problematic, automatic engine performance will be interrupted. The most frequent problem is the underboost or reduced air supply due to turbo vane as the boost pressure turbo control does not open.

This problem is fairly advanced because it is difficult to detect, to check it also needs a special tool in the form of scanners that can detect the position of the turbo vane and detect Mass air flow engine.

Usually, there are other symptoms that follow such as losing power and the check engine is on. The best solution, take your car to the official workshop for scanning.

5. Spark plugs problematic
Spark plugs or commonly called glow plug function is also quite important. Especially in the cold start, the glow plug will help the temperature of compression through the diesel fuel point so that it can burn.

Spark plugs are needed because when the engine temperature is cold enough, for example in the morning or in the winter, the temperature generated by the compression engine will also propagate to each component of the machine.

This causes the final temperature when the diesel is injected into the combustion chamber, unable to pass through the diesel fuel point.

Engine problems are difficult to live in the morning to be an example of damage to the components of the glow plug. However, this problem does not affect engine performance when the engine's normal temperature has been reached, so the power will stay awake even though the glow plug is problematic.

To find out, we need to check by checking the current into the spark plugs. If it turns out the current is there, then we can remove the components one by one. To do further checking.

hopefully with the article in the title "Diesel Mechanic Automotive Repair," this can add to our insight and useful.