How to Drink Healthy?

Benefits of drinking lots of water

Health and Fitness Tips About Drinks:

Can you really drink, your way to an overweight body? I've been asked that one plenty of times and the answer often comes as a surprise. Yes, you can. People wonder how they can put on weight, having one innocent looking glass of sherbet or chocolate shake. Well, when the summer sun beats down and the air-conditioner seems ineffective, do you stop at one drink? Can you really resist the urge to open your fridge and pick up another chilled can from the freezer? And another? Calories are really the last thing on your mind when the chilled beverages at hand. From this health and Fitness tips of drink, you can really suggest healthy different to calorie-laden drinks.

How to Drink Healthy?

There are low-cal options. So ask for iced lemon tea instead of a shake, or a fresh lime soda in place of a mocktail.

The best thirst quencher is water. Sparkling chilled pure! Choose it for hydration.

Choose to eat healthy fruits instead of drinking them. Three oranges will give you far more fibre than a glass of orange juice.

Beside, juice is acidic and drinking too much of it will spoil your teeth.

Finally, the tips word is moderation. Keep a tab on all that you drink and count the calories. Stop when you have to.

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Restore you on many a hot afternoon. Then there's socializing. It's time to catch up with the latest gossip with friends at the hippest cafe in town. You're not going to order a cup of tea there, are you? It has to be the special mocha shake, or a tall black forest shake, or may be even a cold coffee topped with ice cream. Aaah! Divine and calories? Whispers a tiny voice at the back of your head.

Then come eating out. People do like a soft drink or mocktail with dinner.

Other drinks a Coke to digest the heavy food at a restaurant. The food you eat in a restaurant is already high in calories. Do you really need to add to it?