How To Wash A Car?

       Washing the car will sound like a trivial job, i.e it does not require any special technical skill. It is true, but wrong in car washing it will lead to big problems. if wrong in doing car washing, then paint the car would be faster look faded. Although many car washers are on the street, sometimes we want to wash them ourselves. Here are tips on how to wash a car correctly, You can wash a car by hand at home.

how to wash a car


Do not wash the car under the sun

You can wash the car done in the morning or daylight, where sunlight does not feel the heat. Even if washing during the hot day, should be done in a protected places. The point of the heat-affected water will evaporate and leave the crust very difficult to remove, let alone the water contains certain ingredients.

Wipe the dust off

If the body of your car covered with dust, before washed water should be cleaned using a duster smooth to dust is reduced. Immediately wiping the body of the car with water and wet wipes without cleaning the dust can lead to paint scratched dust particles. Especially for those of you who are in the region that there is an active volcano, usually, ash mount will be attached to the car that can damage the car paint surface.

Spray the car body

Spray first the entire body of the car using a water spray tool, to remove dust or soil/sand attached. This is done if there is no feather duster or can be done after the car body wiped using the duster. That is the same so that the dirt does not scratch the car paint when wiped with water.

Flush the car while wiped

Wipe the rest of the dirt that clings to it using a special car wash rag simultaneously while washed water on the wiped area. Use running water (use hose), do not put a rag in the bucket while in the wet. This is to minimize the occurrence of scratches on the body of the car due to dirt.

Wash with shampoo

After the above rinsing process is complete, continue by giving soap the entire body of the car with a car shampoo using clean and smooth rig wipe. Hair shampoo is no problem, as long as it does not contain detergent. After the entire body of the car is given shampoo, rinse by way of body wash using the hose. Do it all at once while wiped to remove the rest of the shampoo. Wipe the entire body of the car until the shampoo attached completely clean. By using shampoo, the body surface of the car will be perfectly clean, especially from the rest of the oil.

Wash the tires


Wash the tires of car

wash the car tires by means of flushing and then brushed with soapy water then rinse with water until clean. This is done so that the remnants of oil attached to the tire is lost. In addition to the tires will look more black and clean, tires will be more durable because it is free from oil that may be attached to.

Cleaning using dry cloth

Do not wait too long after the car was washed, wipe it as fast as possible until the surface of the body is completely dry. Because if there is still water, it will leave marks if the car will be exposed to the heat of the sun.
clean it completely to the cracks of the door, so that no residual water left behind can thus cause rust.

Tips how to wash a car

If you prefer to wash the car at home, done by the driver or yourself. Should be once a month washes the car in the place that provides a chassis underwears. Although not visible, the chassis or under the car also needs attention. Especially in the rainy season, this is so that the chassis or lower body is not quickly rusted or porous.

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