Best Diesel Engine For Jeep Wrangler

Best diesel engine for Jeep Wrangler - Products that get praise from Enzo Ferrari as the only American sports car is indeed extraordinary. Created as a cross-field vehicle, the Jeep not only sold as a vehicle of war, it was also sold well by civilians.

One of the many variants of interest is the Wrangler. In fact, the Wrangler must be awarded as a car with the most variants. Call it, Arctic, Mountain, Call of Duty, not to mention regular variants like Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon. For 2012, Jeep even divided Wrangler Sport into three, namely Sports X, Sports Renegade, and Platinum Sport.

Jeep Wrangler

The unit we tested was a Sports Platinum variant with a 2.8-liter diesel engine. Chrysler Indonesia ensures that this machine is capable of guzzling all kinds of diesel fuel in the country starting from diesel fuel trucks, solar imports, and of course Pertamina DEX, the best diesel in Indonesia.

Even so, we are very confident and believe, you certainly will not have the heart to fill the tank with high sulfur diesel. Not only does it undermine the pride of its owner, but more importantly, high sulfur diesel can shorten the life of your car's vital parts.


The kitchen runway is able to explode 200 hp at 3,600 rpm, and 460 Nm of torque at 1,600-2,600 rpm. The fuel consumption (combination) that we recorded is 12.1 km/liter. Acceleration 0-100 km / h is taken in II, 7 seconds. Believe me, it's nice to drive an economical Jeep, with a great "tug" torque.

As per its nature as a Jeep, Wrangler Sports Platinum, or other variants Wrangler, it must be ready to be plunged into the heavy field. Imagined a hard suspension with a makeshift interior like "mountain car". This was refuted when this SUV was tried to be run on the highway and offroad terrain.

The suspension is able to reduce the asphalt road surface well. It is rather hard, but it will not disturb comfort. The Jeep puts the fuel tank right between the front and rear axle, complete with a 2.5 mm thick plate to protect it. With this placement, the stability of the car can be maintained. Even so, the gloom is still felt because after all, this is a car with high ground clearance.

Vang was shocking when it entered the non-asphalt field. Light sandy and rocky offroad tracks are well dampened, even when the car is driven at a relatively high speed (60 km / h). Shocks that appear are well dampened by heavy-duty suspension models.

The 5-perceive automatic transmission works well together with the four-wheel (4WD) motion system with Command-Trac technology and the NV241 transfer case, which divides torque into the wheels that require it. Unfortunately, we did not have time to test into more extreme offroad fields.

More than that. Jeep provides it with a variety of features that will make you proud when driving it. The dashboard is simple, but on the dashboard, you will find the power window, AC control, and touch screen head unit provided by Infinity, complete with a hard disk.

In addition, the uConnect feature, typical of Chrysler, is already available on the head unit, and has voice command capabilities, in the Sports Platinum variant, equipped with the dual top (roof), namely hard top and soft top. The last roof is called folded in the trunk and can be functioned at any time, provided there is a place to place a hard roof that must be removed. Jeeps also design doors to be easily removed and installed.

This variant has been equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels which unfortunately looks ordinary, plus a thick plastic front bumper. If you are not sure about this bumper, Mopar, the official Jeep accessory maker, has prepared an iron bumper that is ready to install.

 This brand-new Wrangler will carry a 2.8-liter diesel engine that produces 197bhp and 460Nm of torque. This engine is supported by a 5-speed automatic transmission and 4 × 4 system so that the engine power will be spread evenly to all wheels.

Based on data summarized by ARAI, the fuel efficiency level for this robust SUV is 12.1 km/liter.

This five-seat SUV has a luggage capacity of 884 liters located behind the second-row seats. For ground clearance, it is recorded at 238mm, so it is quite capable to bulldoze the rough terrain. Moreover, it is also equipped with a solid axle and differential lock, which puts this SUV as one of the best off-road vehicles in Negeri Sari.

Wrangler's Indian version will be equipped with various features, such as touch screen for entertainment, heated front seats, tire pressure monitors, 28GB hard drive for music and SAT-NAV.

As for safety features include front dual-airbags, traction control, ESP, Hill ascend and descent control. Jeep will present Wrangler in five color choices, namely black, white, silver metallic billet, granite crystal, firecracker red and rhino.


After testing it, we found a surprising fact about the practicality of this car. With four doors, the cabin will be more accessible. In addition, there is rarely anyone who agrees that the Jeep Wrangler is an economical car.

This time, with a sophisticated diesel engine, this assumption was legitimized, its fuel consumption reached 12 km/liter, as well as cementing its status as a friendly offroad car on the asphalt road.

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