How To DDoS Attack And How To Protect Your Site

How To DDoS Attack And How To Protect Your Site

What is DDoS? And how it works

A few years ago, the big video game company Blizzard Entertainment experienced internet network connection problems as a result of DDoS attacks on network providers from the company. Blizzard makes official announcements through social media channels. Blizzard's official tweets from the United States and the European Union, show us that DDoS attacks are not limited to one part of the world.

And this is one of the newest DDoS attacks against Blizzard. Earlier this month, similar attacks affected all games accessed through, including Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone. But it is still unclear who the perpetrators are because they are still waiting for the latest news or still have to be seen if there are groups of hackers who claim responsibility for this latest attack.

Blizzard has also faced major DDoS attacks in April this year, with Lizard Squad players claiming responsibility. Well, we will not discuss too much about the DDOS attack, but we will try to describe what DDos is.

DDoS is a type of DOS attack where several systems are compromised, which are often infected by Trojans, and are used to target a single system that causes Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Victims of DDoS attacks consist of the final target of both systems and all malicious systems are used and controlled by hackers in distributed attacks.

how to DDoS attack a website

How DDoS Attacks work

According to, in DDoS attacks, traffic coming together and potentially hundreds of thousands or more entering floods victims from various sources. This is effectively impossible to create or handle to stop attacks by simply blocking a single IP address; Plus, it's very difficult to distinguish legitimate user traffic from attack traffic when it is spread with so many different IP users.

A distributed denial of service attack (aka DDOS) may be very easy and is in fact broadly considered one of the easiest technique blackhats to do. This is why they’re very popular strategies in social actions or protests - you want basically no sophisticated technical realize how to do one, so every person with an internet connection can take part in a mass DDOS attack.

Difference Between DoS Attacks and DDoS Attacks

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is different from DDoS attacks. DoS attacks usually use one computer and one internet connection by flooding the target system or resources. DDoS attacks use multiple computers and internet connections that flood the targeted resources. DDoS attacks often become global attacks, which are distributed through botnets.

Denial-of-service (DoS) assaults are the precursor to DDoS assaults. Historically, DoS assaults have been a primary technique for disrupting laptop structures on a community. DoS attacks originate from an unmarried machine and can be very simple; a basic ping flood assault may be carried out by sending extra ICMP (ping) requests to a central server then it can technique and reply to successfully. Just about everyone with a networked gadget is capable of release this sort of attack by using built-in terminal commands. Greater complicated DoS attacks can also contain using packet fragmentation, including the now in large part defunct Ping of the deadly attack.

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Assaults involving more than one computer systems or other devices all focused on the identical sufferer are taken into consideration DDoS assaults due to their allotted layout. Of the 2, DDoS attacks are extra common and destructive in the contemporary net. Due to the relative simplicity of purchasing or growing a set of malicious machines capable of sending a large quantity of internet site visitors to a goal, terrible actors are capable of use networks of gadgets which include botnets to flood a target with requests. Via utilizing a large network of machines infected with malware, a malicious actor is able to leverage the assault traffic of a big number of pc systems. With the upward thrust of the poorly secured internet of factors (IoT) gadgets, the extra digital hardware is able to be commandeered for nefarious functions.

No longer all disbursed assaults contain botnets; some attack tools leverage volunteers who work collectively by means of sharing their to be had laptop assets to take part in a not unusual purpose. The hacker group nameless has used DoS and DDoS gear, coupled with willing parties, for this very reason.

How are DoS/DDoS attack tools categorized?

A number of special attack gear or “stressors” are to be had for free at the internet. At their core, some of this equipment have valid functions, as protection researchers and community engineers may additionally at instances carry out pressure tests towards their own networks. A few assault equipment are specialized and simplest recognition on a selected place of the protocol stack, at the same time as others may be designed to allow for a couple of assault vectors.

Assault equipment can be extensively characterized into numerous organizations:

Low and slow assault gear
because the name implies, those forms of assault gear both use a low quantity of information and function very slowly. Designed to send small quantities of information throughout more than one connections for you to preserve ports on a targeted server open so long as possible, those gear preserve to utilize server resources until a focused server is unable to maintain additional connections. Uniquely, low and sluggish attacks may additionally at instances be powerful even when not using a disbursed machine which includes a botnet and is typically utilized by a single machine.

Application layer (L7) assault tools
these gear target layer 7 of the OSI model, where net-based requests including HTTP arise. Using a form of HTTP flood attack to overwhelm a target with HTTP GET and publish requests, a malicious actor can launch attack visitors this is difficult to differentiate from regular requests made by means of actual visitors.

Protocol and shipping layer (L3/L4) attack gear
Going further down the protocol stack, those equipment make use of protocols like UDP to ship huge volumes of site visitors to a targeted server, such as throughout a UDP flood. Even as often useless individually, these assaults are commonly discovered in the form of DDoS assaults where the advantage of extra attacking machines increases the impact.

What has usually used DoS/DDoS assault equipment?

Some typically used gear encompass:

Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)
The LOIC is an open-source strain testing software. It allows for each TCP and UDP protocol layer assaults to be achieved using a user-pleasant WYSIWYG interface. Due to the popularity of the unique device, derivatives have been created that allow assaults to be released using a web browser.

High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC)
This assault tool was created to replace the LOIC by means of increasing its abilities and adding customizations. Via making use of the HTTP protocol, the HOIC is able to launch focused attacks which are tough to mitigate. The software is designed to have at the very least 50 human beings working collectively in a coordinated assault effort.

aside from being a sluggish-shifting primate, Slowloris is an application designed to instigate a low and sluggish attack on a targeted server. The elegance of Slowloris is the restrained quantity of assets it desires to consume which will create a damaging effect.

R.U.D.Y (R-U-Dead-Yet)
R.U.D.Y. Is any other low and sluggish assault tool designed to allow the consumer to easily launch attacks through the use of a simple point-and-click on the interface. By establishing multiple HTTP publish requests and then preserving the one's connections open as long as possible, the assault pursuits to slowly crush the central server.

Types of DDoS Attacks

There are many types of DDoS attacks. General attacks are as follows:

Traffic attacks: attacks that flood traffic by sending large volumes of TCP, UDP and ICPM packages to the target. legitimate requests will become lost and this attack can be accompanied by malware exploitation.
Bandwidth Attack: This DDoS attack will overload the target with a large amount of junk data. This results in a loss of network bandwidth resources and equipment and can cause complete rejection of services.
Application attacks: application-layer data messages can drain resources in the application layer, which will leave the target system service unavailable

The capacity of DDoS attacks

Attackers build networks of infected computers, known as 'botnets', by spreading malicious software through e-mail, websites, and social media. Once infected, this machine can be controlled remotely and without the knowledge of the owner and is used as an army to launch attacks against any target. Some botnets are equivalent to millions of powerful machines.

Attack launch

Botnets can generate large internet traffic to flood targets. This can be generated in a variety of ways, such as sending more connection requests from the server to handle or having a computer by sending victims a large amount of random data to use the target bandwidth. Some attacks are so large they can come out with a maximum capacity of an international cable of a country.

Secretly Sold

There is an online marketplace specifically for buying and selling botnets or individual DDoS attacks. By using underground markets or Black Market, anyone can pay a nominal fee to silence their site that does not agree with or disrupt the organization of online operations. DDoS attacks can be more than a week, and able to take on a small offline organization at a cost of at least $ 15.

How to DDoS a website using Cmd From home windows laptop

It is a very common news, a totally commonplace information whilst you listen that an internet site is hacked through a group or an internet site is crashed and etc. And so on. Have you ever wonder how a hacker group take an internet site down or do you already know the precise technique of crashing a website? Really there are several techniques which are utilized by the hacker group. However, using dispensed Denial of carrier attack technology, any small internet site can be crashed very effortlessly.

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DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service Attack

every web server has its own potential for dealing with requests at a selected time. A DDoS may have occurred when an internet server or a machine gets so many requests at one time which it is able to manage, then the system hangs or shuts down automatically. This consequences of a website are crashed or transient down. Whilst an internet site becomes a sufferer of DDoS assault, it loses all it’s allotted bandwidth which makes the website server temporary down. Overloading a community or flooding an internet server by way of sending a large number of requests at a time results disconnection of information transmission among a server and a user. Thus a website is going to brief down country or faces server unavailable problem due to DDoS a website. Until the system administrator analyses all the requests, it is not possible to clear out attackers’ request.

There are numerous methods to DDos a website. I point out here command line manually DDos and automatically DDos the use of free device strategies.

Technique 1: Website DDoS Attack with LOIC Automatically

To lag down an internet site or to absolutely shut down an internet site you want a device, named LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon). Let's see a way to DDos a website using Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

How does a DDoS attack work

1. Download the software from the beneath:

2. Once, you download the software program, extract the software program to a windows computer.

3. Focused on the website: Double-click the software program icon to open it. LOIC is a transportable software and requires no setup.

4. Now, placed the website address deal with which you target inside the ‘goal URL’ field.

5. It is elective to put the IP of the targeted website inside the IP subject. You may get the internet site IP by means of the usage of ping command out of your windows.

6. Press the ‘lock on’ button which is next to the text subject.

7. Below ‘attack’, don’t change the timeout, HTTP subsite, speed bar.

8. Underneath ‘TCP/UDP Message’, input something you need to right.

9. Beneath the ‘Port’ subject, change the fee of the port of the focused website. In the maximum of the instances, the fee ’eighty’ have to work.

10. Underneath ‘technique’, from the drop-down listing, select UDP alternative.

Eleven. Uncheck the ‘look ahead to respond’ checkbox.

12. Trade the thread price to 20 when you have an awesome laptop. Otherwise, maintain the price to 10.

13. Press the “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER” button.

Run the software as a minimum for an hour. Then, go to the website your goal and you must see the “carrier Unavailable” hassle there. That is the manner the way you DDos a website and makes it down temporarily.

Technique 2: the way to DDos an internet site Manually using home windows Command prompt

How to DDoS attack a website

Pick a small internet site which you want to DDoS assault.
Locate the IP address of the internet site. To find the IP address of a specific internet site simply use the following command:
ping www.Example.Com -t
The IP address appears much like xxx.Xxx.Xxx.Xxx

Now kind the following command:
ping [ip address] -t -l 65500
Run the command for hours. If feasible use multiple computer systems to run the same command at the same time.
Now, when you visit the internet site after 2 or 3 hours, you'll find the “website is transient down” or “server unavailable” message.
Note: You ought to have an internet reference to limitless bandwidth. In any other case, you lose all your network bandwidth for performing the project.

Technique 3: How to Use Google Spreadsheet to DDos a Website

Google constantly use a feedfetcher crawler to capture the picture, then display the cache image. Google use the same method the usage of Google Spreadsheet to cache and display any picture that is inside =photo(“”) cost. As an instance, if I put =picture(“https://www.Techperiod.Com/wp-content material/uploads/2016/01/LOIC.Png”) function in the spreadsheet, it fetches the picture and shows it.

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Use Google Spreadsheet to DDos
the use of a random parameter request, you can ask feedfetcher crawler to crawl exactly the identical document a couple of instances. If I take advantage of a huge pdf file link, Google feedfetcher crawler will fetch nothing. But, it crawls the website more than one instances and effects lots of outgoing bandwidth/visitors loss. As it fetches not anything so there may be no fear to lose your bandwidth.

In this situation the spreadsheet characteristic ought to be something like this:

So, using a single laptop, anyone can disaster a website and sends 250GB traffic within 45 minutes.

Disclaimer: This technique is simplest for learning purposes and this manual does now not ask readers to crash any website; this technique is primarily based on a way to DDos an internet site. But, maximum of the dependable web website hosting companies offer automated safety against DDoS assault nowadays.

Shifting on to DDoS assaults

vintage school DoS attacks labored extraordinary for attackers till server sources had been so robust that it is able to manage what anyone pc may want to ship to it. As a count number of truth, the attacker’s laptop would crash before the server could crash. The internet servers available these days wouldn’t skip a beat need to a single pc try to attack it with thousands of requests. As ordinary, cyber attackers always locate ways round defenses, in order that they came up with a brand new way to ship a denial of the carrier at a server. We’re talking approximately a dispensed denial of service.

DDoS works in addition to a DoS, but believe the requests coming from lots of computer systems throughout the globe. Maximum well-known powerful web servers are made to deal with numerous hundreds of humans browsing pages every day, but what takes place while all 10,000 (for instance) hit the server on the equal time? The result is that even the maximum effective servers have a finite amount of assets, and eventually enough requests purpose it to crash.

DDoS is much extra complicated than a DoS assault. First, the attacker wishes extra than just a local laptop. It takes the distribution of malware on heaps of machines that permits the attacker to take manage of them. The goal of the attacker is to take manipulate of machines throughout the globe, so the victim can't just block one subset of an IP variety.  Second, the attacker ought to have a central server software that tells these machines to flood the target’s server with as many ACK requests as feasible.

We are able to cross back to server bandwidth being your “hose” for information. The host can most effective switch so much information at the equal time, and the greater records you need to be transferred, the longer it will take for all requests to head from the spigot (your clients’ browsers) to the server. If too much statistics flood the server, your customers will get hold of a timeout mistakes on their laptop. The attacker correctly interrupts your business and your sales. DDoS is a powerful manner for a competitor to destroy your commercial enterprise.

How Do You are aware of it’s occurring?

Having a competitor destroy your commercial enterprise is a horrifying proposition. Due to the fact a DDoS attack comes from hacked computers across the globe, it’s also difficult to pinpoint while it’s taking place. Your first reaction is probably “How can I discover one so I will defend my web site?”

rest assured that host vendors have their very own DDoS signals, detection, and protection in the region. Those defenses are normally effective, so you don’t want any sort of tracking. For someone who isn’t technical, the best signal of an assault is intense performance troubles on your server. The server would possibly even crash.

When you have the technical understand how to view a listing of connections to your server, you’ll be aware which you have hundreds or hundreds of connections from the same IP variety on contiguous port numbers. Your server should even start responding with a 503 error message, which means “provider unavailable.”

Your web host will probably recognize that something is going on before you do, and might even call you. If you reboot the server and you still have overall performance issues, and you have a strangely high amount of visitors on your web page, provide your web host a call.

Are There Any ways to prevent a DDoS assault?
Cloud website hosting is one way to help with smaller attacks. Another choice that’s lots of extra green is the usage of proxy services which include CloudFlare.  For large websites that suffer from more collaborated, strategic attacks, agency answers together with Arbor, NSFocus and Staminus are better. These services have a huge bandwidth capability, and they could take care of numerous gigabytes of site visitors, filter out it and skip best valid site visitors in your site.

DDoS assaults also are detected on firewalls and routers, but it’s not likely that you’ll have to get right of entry to those sources. Your host does, but, and they may be able to assist defend towards an assault should one arise. Called null routing, the host briefly brings down your site, modifications your IP and re-allows your site for a time period till the attack stop.

Mitigating DDoS assaults takes a few initial defenses, but it additionally takes some aid out of your host. The best manner to forestall a DDoS assault is to put the proper mitigation systems in the area before it takes place. Here is a summary of what you can do to save you an assault:

a). Use a proxy which includes CloudFlare. CloudFlare has a sophisticated device that detects and blocks UDP and ICMP protocols. It also detects SYN/ACK, DNS amplification, and Layer 7 attacks. This is sufficient for most small to medium-sized attacks.

b). In case your website is an essential spine in your infrastructure and sales is critically impacted by an attack, you may incorporate greater highly-priced filtering alternatives together with NSFocus, Arbor or Staminus. It prices tons extra than CloudFlare, however, resources are plenty more comfortable for excessive-scale, large attacks.

c). Use a “null course” alternative. You need to get admission to the infrastructure, so for most clients, this selection is only used in collaboration with your host. Understand that this option brings the web page down quickly so that you will experience a quick-time period outage. But, it’s a powerful manner to mitigate an ongoing attack that continually impacts your website online’s uptime and preventative strategies aren’t in location.