How To Jumpstart a Car Easily

How to jumpstart a car easily - Sometimes, the car cannot be turned on because the battery stun is exhausted, for example, because the forgotten cabin lights are turned off overnight. The jump start technique or reactivating the battery using another car battery can be applied.

Before that must be ensured the car broke down because the battery (battery) ran out of the electric current. Here are some ways to diagnose,

1. Turn the ignition and turn on the light. If you can still shine bright, the problem is not the battery. Jump-start is useless.

2. The ignition key remains on, turn on the audio system and watch the indicator lights on the dashboard. Under normal conditions, even though the electric current in the battery is running low, the indicator light is still on and the audio system is still working. If the indicator light goes out and no sound from the sound system means the battery is off. Jumpstart can be used.

How to jumpstart a car easily

However, the following procedures need to be considered when doing a jump start:

1. Make sure that the cause of the machine does not want to live because of the battery. For example, by turning on the lights: if it is dim, the battery may be sores; if it is bright, it means not a battery problem.

2. After you are sure the battery is stunned, bring another normal car into the opposite position, about 30 cm bumper to bumper if possible. If the car is automatic, make sure the transmission lever is in the "park" position, if the manual car is in "neutral." The handbrake must be fully installed.

3. Wear rubber gloves, find positive (+) and negative (-) poles in the car's second battery. If the poles are colored, red is positive and black is negative.

4. Take the jumper cable, attach the positive jumper cable (red) to the positive pole of the normal car battery, and the other end on the positive pole of the damaged car battery.

How To Jumpstart a Car Easily

5. Attach the negative jumper cable clamp (black) to the negative terminal of the normal car battery. CAUTION, this cable can now be charged stun. Do not touch the cable clamp to the body or other parts of the car.

6. Clamp the other end of the black jumper cable to the metal of the car near the engine, preferably on the battery supporting bolt that connects to the chassis. If not possible, clip on a shiny metal plate that is not painted inside the engine room, but away from moving components such as fan belts.

7. Check that there are no cables dangling toward moving objects in the engine room.

8. Once believed to be safe, turn on a normal car for 1-2 minutes. Step on the gas slowly to slightly increase the engine speed.

9. Turn on the damaged car, may need more than once, but do not repeat four or more times. If you fail the first try, you might need another ground clamp for the negative cable, and let the normal car live for five minutes before the damaged car is turned on. Or for the last option, the negative cable end is clipped to the damaged battery's negative pole, but at risk of splashing on the hydrogen gas coming out of the battery. If it's not alive too, it's better if the car is towed.

10. If the machine is successful, leave it for five minutes slightly above the idle by pressing the gas slowly, then let it turn on 20 minutes in idle position (without stepping on the gas). This procedure should be enough to fill the stun in the battery. If after that the car fails to turn on again, you should replace it with a new battery.

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How to jumpstart a car with the help of another car

If the car engine doesn't live because the low battery when driving on the road the solution is easy. Help can come from other cars, to turn on your car. The procedure is called the jump start. But it turns out it's not carelessly doing Jump Start!

Follow the method below:

How to jumpstart a car with the help of another car

Here's the jump-start step:

1. Bring a healthy car to a broken car, not to stick. Open the hood and find the battery position.

2. Turn off the engine, air conditioning, lights, audio systems and other electronic systems in both cars.

3. Prepare a cable jumper. (the cable that has alligator heads)

4. Connect one end of the red cable jumper to the positive pole of the dead battery.

5. The other red cable end to the positive pole of a healthy battery.

6. Connect the black cable to the battery's negative negative pole.

7. The other end is attached to a broken car engine part which is not coated with oil or oil. Try as far as possible from the battery. Examples of bolts or other prominent engine parts. Usually, a little spark appears. Never attach to the negative pole of the battery to die because it can explode.

8. Turn on the healthy car engine so that the electric current flows into the dead battery.

9. After a few minutes, try turning on the breaking car engine.

10. If it doesn't work, wait a few more moments to charge more electricity to the strike battery

11. Repeat again to start the car on strike. If the engine is on, leave it for a while before starting to remove the jumper cable.

12. The order is the opposite of installing it. Starting from a negative cable attached to the machine body followed by a negative cable to the positive pole of a healthy battery.

13. Next, remove the cable at the positive pole of the healthy battery and finally at the positive pole the battery goes down.

14. After the engine is on, run the engine 10-15 minutes before turning it off to allow the engine to recharge the battery.

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