Diesel Engine Exhaust | black and white smoke

Diesel engine exhaust - Cars with diesel engines do have considerable advantages, such as easy maintenance and powerful engine. However, sometimes this type of engine issued black smoke and white smoke from the exhaust.
All users of common-rail diesel engines must understand how annoying the occurrence of excessive white smoke from exhaust. Whether it's a d-cab user or a diesel SUV, surely the thought will drift into repair and related costs.

Unfortunately, this is often a problem among turbo diesel users, misdiagnosed. 
The users of diesel-engined vehicles can detect potential damage to the engine by looking at the smoke color coming out of the exhaust.
diesel-engined vehicles that emit black smoke usually have the problem of fuel mixing or excessive fuel.

Diesel Engine Exhaust | black and white smoke

"diesel engine exhaust black smoke, If the smoke is black there are usually two factors: mixing too much fuel or too extravagant,"
black smoke often gushed from the diesel engine exhaust if gassed too deep because at that time the consumption of fuel becomes wasteful.
This can happen because the air supply is low, and the engine actually sucks more diesel fuel. "So in addition to the blackened exhaust fumes, fuel consumption will become more wasteful, the power also drop,"

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If the machine emits white smoke, it indicates an oil leak.
"If it's white, it's usually too little fuel, bad fuel, or mixed with oil,"
Healthy diesel engines usually emit less concentrated fumes.
The point is not concentrated if there is smoke, "


owners of vehicles experiencing the problem can check the injection pump, injector or fuel filter.
"Check the injector, pump, or filter, because the mixture of fuel is too much, it could be lack of air or too much fuel supply,"
if too much fuel supply can cause the injectors or filters to become clogged so as to interfere with performance and cause the engine to emit black smoke.
"To overcome the black smoke coming out of the exhaust, by replacing air filters and fuel filters,"
"So both are replaced, because the most significant of the air filter,"
actually car maintenance with the diesel engine is quite easy. The most important thing is changing the oil on time, and the quality of the filters are kept clean.

If the color smoke exhaust diesel engine white or black smoke that comes out of the exhaust has not disappeared, How to analyze this issue, step by step:

The first step, eliminating the problem of water in fuel and turbo. Combine three cans of Diesel Lambda Tank to remove water, and increase the value of cetane on fuel.
Next check if the turbocharger is problematic. The simplest way, unplug the channel from the air filter to the turbo input, then try to move the turbine by hand.
When the turbine moves a bit, it means the turbo seal is damaged.
To be sure, the turbocharger unit is unplugged from the engine, then check if there is an excessive oil pile on the exhaust turbo side.

Jump to the next step, ie check the injector nozzle. For that, no need to remove the injector.
just by checking the machine via the scanner to the ECU, which will show when there is a problem with certain codes.
pay attention to the engine when alive, whether the voice is rough or there are excessive vibrations.
unplug the electrical connectors to each injector one at a time.
If the injector is damaged, the injector will stop spraying the fuel, and the smoke will disappear.
The third step is to clean the intake manifold. When opening the air tube to the intake connected with the butterfly valve.
use Lambda Primer to clean up the pile of carbon and oil residue, then change engine oil.
This step will restore the compression of the new approaching machine.
There are actually two ways to clean the intake manifold. First off by removing the intake manifold from the machine. This method is quite time-consuming and tiring.
The second way, using Lambda Tank Diesel up to 3 cans. Followed by the intake cleaning kit or diesel engine exhaust cleaning.
remove all engine airway hose, and intercooler, then wipe all parts of the oil pile.

 clean the intake manifold and air filter

The fourth step, check EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
Remove the EGR valve, and clean up the oil droppings that accumulate.

The last step is to reset the ECU. because, steps 2 to 4 before, affect the timing of the machine.
unplug the ECU for 10 minutes, then reinstall it. This will reset the ECU, and the ECU will read from the clean sensors.

The result, of course, fuel injection timing will be more precise, in accordance with the specifications of machines that have been cleaned before.

Please try, hope black smoke and white smoke from the exhaust is gone, and the exhaust gas does not smell again like before. Hopefully useful please share.

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