How To Disable Avast

How to disable avast - Avast is one of the best antivirus software ever used to protect against virus attacks and malware. If you use an antivirus like Avast, certainly in some software installation you do have that appears a warning that the installation cannot be continued because the software is sometimes considered a virus by Avast, this happens because of the unique script in the application suspected as a virus.  Though the incident is not entirely true because there is some software that during installation will experience it. Many of you do not know if some of these things can cause the installation to be undone so the installation can not be completed and the file becomes corrupt. Therefore we should disable or temporarily turn off the antivirus while performing the installation process. That is the reason why we should turn off Avast antivirus in certain conditions. In this tutorial how to disable avast done so that the installation process can run well.

Once the software is installed we can re-enable Avast antivirus. Because the software is already running then, Avast assume no more threats to the computer operating system.
Even so, you should be careful if it must be forced to turn off antivirus. Limit your computer usage from outside USB access and internet browsing on sites that carry viruses.
Therefore, to keep you comfortable working in front of the computer should think about whether the antivirus used is in accordance with the needs and specifications of your computer at this time?

How to turn off avast completely

1. Here is the first way you can do to temporarily disable Avast antivirus:

Turn off Avast antivirus via the Avast antivirus menu tab

Turn off temporary Avast antivirus

the trick is:
1. Go to the menu tab Avast Settings, General Status, Active Protection
2. Click on the File System Shield menu arrow, choose one of the options for how long you have disabled Avast
  • Disable for 10 minutes: used to disable Avast for 10 minutes and after that, it will activate automatically.
  • Disable for 1 hour: used to disable Avast for 1 hour and after that will activate automatically.
  • Disable until computer is restarted: used to disable Avast as long as your computer or laptop has not been restarted. Avast will be enabled or enabled after restarting.
  • Disable permanently: used to permanently disable Avast, and you must enable it manually.
3. Then select Ok, or wait about 1 minute to turn it off
4. Avast Antivirus you are disabled is marked with the words "Your Are Not Protected"

2. The second way to disable Avast antivirus through the taskbar

Disable Avast antivirus through the taskbar

The trick is:
  1. Look for the yellow Avast icon on the bottom right corner of your desktop
  2. Right click on Avast icon
  3. Some options appear how long you want to disable Avast
  4. Choose an option for how long you want to disable Avast, 
         After that will appear several options including:

  • Disable for 10 minutes (To Disable Avast for 10 minutes)
  • Disable for 1 hour (To disable Avast for 1 hour)
  • Disable until computer is restarted (To Disable Avast to Restart the computer)
  • Disable permanently (To Disable Permanent Avast, and activated manually)  
  • Please choose one of these options.
  • Then Avast asks to confirm whether you will actually disable it, just click Yes 
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Steps to activate Avast antivirus:

First step:
Click and open Avast antivirus icon on your computer or laptop, then select Resolve All or can also Turn On.

The second way to activate Avast antivirus through the taskbar
1. Find the yellow Avast icon on the bottom right corner of your desktop
2. Right click on Avast icon, then choose avast command! shields control.
3. The last select Enable all shields (3 disabled) to enable it.

Remove Avast antivirus

If both ways above are not able to overcome your problem then Avast antivirus can be removed using Avast eraser application that is Avast Uninstall Utility.
Be careful when installing new software if you no longer use antivirus. Could be the software is indeed malware, if so then do not force to use the new software because it will lead to broken windows on your computer.

Easy and fast is not how to disable avast ? with this you can install the software you want without having to worry about an installation failure. Please try it and good luck, so the article from me about the tutorial disable Avast antivirus.