How to Turn Off Find my iPhone

How to turn off find my iPhone  - Find my iPhone is one of the very useful features you want to enable. This can prevent thieves remove your iPhone, or can help you find your device. It also lets you delete them remotely, lock it, or just sending a warning.
During the Find My iPhone is turned on, you cannot delete your iPhone. There are times when you want to know how to turn off the Find my iPhone, like when you're ready to sell your iPhone to offer them to the iPhone or iPhone 8 X new.

Find my iPhone is a service that lets users find the iPhone and iPad is missing. Before you sell or pass on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook you have to turn off My iPhone and remove the device from the tracking service. Want to know how to turn off the Find my iPhone? Here's how to turn off the Find, my iPhone and delete iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a MacBook from the Find My iPhone

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone? 

Find my iPhone feature is that found in iOS and macOS that allows users to find the device iPhone, iPad, and Mac is missing or lost. After My iPhone is enabled on the device, it's associated with your Apple ID of that user. The owner can then find the iPhone, iPad or Mac by going to (on Mac) or use the Find my iPhone app on the iPhone or iPad. With the search for me, iPhone is activated, the owners can see the location on a map, remotely lock it, removing the content, or send a message to a lost device (encouraging searchers to return it).

Apple's Find my iPhone Service can be useful in a variety of situations-if you lose your device or stolen-and at least interesting in most others. Oh my gosh, look how many Apple devices I have.

But not everyone liked it. There is some feeling, which is never fully lifted, that you are being watched by some master Orwellian-well, you, though in this case, the Orwellian host has consistently shown himself as a friend of privacy. And this is fair enough. You are permitted to find even a benign reconnaissance that creepy.

More importantly, there are special circumstances when the Find my iPhone stopped being useful and the potential discomfort or danger. When you want to sell the device, of course, you must remove it from the Find my iPhone; the same thing applies when you submit it to Apple for repair.

Fortunately, it is very easy to remove or to iPhone-MacBook, iPad or iPod touch from the Find My iPhone. In this article, we show how.

1). Open The Settings.

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone

2). Tap the iCloud.
3). Select the Find my iPhone.
3). Find my iPhone is set to off.

Ways to Turn off Find My iPhone without Password

5). Enter your Apple ID passwords for accounts that are registered and tap off.

Find my iPhone will now be disabled for iOS devices, and you can continue to reset the device to factory settings (if you plan to sell it.) Do this using the settings General > > Reset and Erase all content and settings.

Ways to Turn off Find My iPhone without Password 

What is the essence of the entire behind the disable or turn off's "find my iPhone? " If you say security, you're right! But, what about the deadly  "find my iPhone's" without a password or to use your Apple ID? It's new for most users or impossible. However, apart from security reasons, other reasons may require that you disable's "find my iPhone's" without using a password.

Adds features Apple's "find my iPhone " for security purposes. Your iPhone could be stolen. If that happens, protect Your vital information is becoming the most important, and it gives you a chance to do it without a password.

Another reason why it's "find my iPhone's" deadly presence in the iPhone that, sometimes, you may need to replace your iPhone from Apple and you will be asked to turn off or disable the feature.

How to Turn off “Find My iPhone” without Any Password

Turn off's "Find My iPhone " on iOS 7 without Password

You do not need to apply the password when it tries to disable Apple's "find my iPhone " on iOS devices 7. Most users are already familiar with their device that requests a password when running the task when restoring the iPhone, but there is a bug that makes it possible to disable the feature without using a password. Find below.

Step 1: open the settings of the iCloud.
Step 2: Tap remove account " " and the button to disable the  "find my iPhone."
Step 3: a window will ask for the password, press the power button and turn off your iPhone.
Step 4: restart your device.
Step 5: go back to the settings of the iCloud.
Step 6: click Delete the account to disable the "find my iPhone."
Step 7: complete.

Disable the "Find my iPhone" on iOS 10 without a password

If you are using iOS 10, you can also disable's "find my iPhone's" without a password Your Apple. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: open your account settings in iCloud.
Step 2: delete the existing password and enter the code no matter what.
Step 3: click OK.
Step 4: When the error notice about wrong ID and password appears, click OK.
Step 5: find ' Cancel ' at the top and click.
Step 6: when the page comes up, click on your iCloud account.
Step 7: delete the description, and then click OK.
Step 8: return to the main page of the iCloud,  "find my iPhone " is disabled.

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