How To Check CPU Temp?

The problem that often arises with the CPU is the increase in temperature, and this will be harmful if used for a long time because the resulting temperature can exceed the limits that have been determined. Surely this will cause a failure on the computer hardware. In this article will be discussed how to check CPU temperature simply.

CPUs on PCs and laptops are often hot because they are used to play games with high graphics, and can also be used to perform jobs that require high performance such as video editing or image editing, graphic design and also hot CPU can be caused by adequate internet browsing long.

Ideal Heat Temperature CPU

What is the ideal heat temperature for the CPU? This is usually the question when the PC feels hot. The ideal heat temperature for the CPU is in the range of 45-50 degrees Celsius, and preferably a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius.
The temperature of the processor shall not exceed 60 degrees Celsius so that the above temperature can already be categorized as an abnormal temperature. If it has entered 100 degrees or more, then the temperature is categorized as overheating.

We recommend that you control the temperature on the CPU directly, so as to prevent the temperature from exceeding the specified limit. And prevent CPU burn due to temperature is too high.
The way is quite easy and simple, Here are the steps you need to do to check the CPU temperature:

1. How to Check CPU Temperature through BIOS

The first way you can do is take advantage of BIOS. The BIOS is a menu that lets you customize basic Windows settings. One of the available settings is Hardware Monitor, where you can see the temperature of some hardware including CPU.
This method is suitable for you who do not want to install additional software to check the temperature of the computer.
How to check CPU temp in bios?
For that purpose, here's the step by step you need to follow.

1. Reload (restart) your computer.
2. After the computer restarts, press the BIOS (F2) button before booting is complete. BIOS buttons may vary depending on the computer manufacturer. However, the most commonly used BIOS keys are F2, F10, or Del.
3. Find the Hardware Monitor settings. Usually abbreviated as H / W Monitor, although some BIOS also use other names such as Status, PC Health, and others.
4. Check your CPU temperature in PC Health Status.

How to check CPU temp in bios

2. Checking CPU Temperature With Open Hardware Application Monitor

The previous way can check the temperature of the processor without software. However, the way it has its flaw is that when you hit F12 late, then you have to restart the computer again to enter BIOS.
Want a more practical way?
How to check CPU temp without bios?
If interested try how to check CPU temp free this, please follow the following instruction:
You need to install Open Hardware Monitor. With this application, the users of Windows can quickly and immediately get information about the temperature of the CPU and other components associated with the CPU on a laptop or computer.

This app will show this temperature of the device you are using. All will be displayed including the recommended temperature for the device to be stable. In addition, you will also see a list of options that inform the type of temperature level of the laptop and computer. To always get information from temperature and quick access to open the application, just open or run the application and pin to the taskbar. Right-click the icon of the app and select "Pin to Taskbar", then you will get a shortcut app on the taskbar.
How to check CPU temp and fan speed

How to check CPUtemp and fan speed?
On the internet, we can find application to monitor the temperature from the computer. But Open Hardware Monitor is a reliable and accurate application and does not display too much information.
On newer Windows devices like laptops or PCs, more sophisticated techniques are already installed to prevent the CPU from generating excessive heat. But on devices that have been long enough, cooling fans or hardware more often stuck.
Therefore, it is important to check the temperature of the CPU. Like the way that has been described is focused to make it easier for users to check CPU temp on a laptop and computers.
hopefully, this article can help you.

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