How To Measure Ring Size?

The appropriate ring size on the finger is the most important thing when you will order a ring, both engagement ring, and wedding ring. However, some people are still confused about how to measure the size of the right ring. in the case of the right size determination, there are 3 methods of taking the size of the ring. Each method will be described in this article. peek the following tutorial to find out how to measure ring size at home easily.

Method 1: Measure Your Finger with Paper or Ribbon

Before, prepare the ingredients that will be used to measure your fingers. Such materials include scissors, rectangular or ribbon paper, pens/markers, and rulers.

Which need to be considered in this measure is:
• Keep measurements done in the afternoon or early morning.
• In this way, it should be done repeatedly until it finds a fitting point.
• It should also be checked by knowing its diameter by looking at the table below. this is for a check is it true and fit if we know its diameter. ie by bit drawing a circle of obtained diameter.
• and one more thing, do not ever measure your own finger alone but have to with the help of others.

Here are the steps:

Long paper scissors with width should be 3-5mm.
start to measure your finger using paper or ribbon. The trick is to wrap a paper or ribbon on your fingers.
Circle the paper to the finger with a press, do not loose and mark with ballpoint, This is the sign that will be used as a reference to determine the size of your finger, like the picture below.

How to measure ring size at home

You should check whether the coil of paper can come out easily from the fingers (like when using a ring). This will affect whether the ordered rings will be used and removed easily or not from your fingers.

Measure the length of the paper as a circumference of a ring with a millimeter ruler
The size you've got will be converted into the size of your ring.

Measure the length of the paper as a circumference of a ring with a millimeter ruler The size you've got will be converted into the size of your ring.

The results can be directly read with the list below

how to measure ring size by diameter

Method 2: Using Ring Sizer (how to measure ring size using a ring)

This method is the most accurate way, namely by using a ring sizer that is only owned by the maker of the ring with a certain standard size 1-33. (can be checked in the list above). standard sizes are very often used for men usually in size 17-24 while women in size 10-18.

Method 3: Measure the diameter of the ring (How to measure ring size in mm)

this way is an accurate way too. This is done by measuring the inner diameter of the ring. Measure it using an existing ring and match it with your fingers, then remove it, then measure it with a ruler placed at the center position on the ring. note this picture:

how to measure ring size in mm

This ring has a diameter of 17mm. (try with units of millimeters / mm)

Suggestions: If in this measurement there are still doubts please repeat over and over, so it is really fitting and accurate.
How easy is it to measure your own finger size? After finding your ring size, it's time to choose a ring model that fits your style and character.

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