Cold and Flu Season - What Can You Do About It

Heath Tips about Flu:

Influenza, or flu, is a viral illness that commonly occurs in the winter and affects many people at once. Heath Tips about Flu is the same as the common cold- the symptoms of flu are usually more severe and come on quite suddenly.

Bad Flu

Symptoms include fever, shaking chills, body aches, muscle pain, headache, pain when you move your eyes, fatigue, weakness, and runny nose. Symptoms may last up to 10 days. Most other viral illness has milder symptoms that don't last long.

Can you die from the flu

Can you die from the flu?

Although a person with the flu feels very sick, the illness seldom leads to more serious complications, Flu can be dangerous for infants, older adults and people with chronic diseases.

What Can You Do About It?

Earlier than the virus knocks you and your circle of relatives out, attempt these pointers to put together for colds and flu. If you're fortunate, they may additionally save you at the least a number of your own family from getting unwell.

Cold and Flu Season

1. Inventory up on materials. Be ready before cold and flu season starts. Load up on tissues, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Do not forget choosing up a few distractions in case your kids get sick, like puzzles, coloring books, or DVDs.

2. Take a look at your medicine cupboard. Make certain it carries pain relievers, fever reducers, and any other medicinal drugs you use while your circle of relatives is combating colds or the flu, like decongestants or cough syrups. Review an appropriate dose primarily based on age and weight. Take a look at to look if any medications overlap or engage. Test your thermometer to ensure the batteries nonetheless paintings. Easy your humidifier.

3. Be strict about washing palms. Germy arms spread colds and the flu. Inform your own family to wash their fingers properly with cleaning soap for 20 seconds. Inform youngsters to wash for as long as it takes to sing "satisfied Birthday" two times. Make sure you do it, too!

4. Installation of sanitizer stations. Put a bottle of hand sanitizer in each room. Make sure it's at the least 60% alcohol. Use a squirt as you pass by using -- and get all of us else to do the identical.

5. Plan for ill days. You may need some days off. Even if you do not get sick, you may need to attend to your sick youngsters. Start considering it now: what is your office policy for unwell days? Will you need to take unpaid days off?

6. Line up help. You can need out of doors to help. See if any family individuals can watch the youngsters if they are domestic ill from college. Or ask a neighbor if they are able to take the kids to football and dance in case you're laid up in bed.

7. Disinfect. You don't need to spend all day spraying each floor with disinfectant. You could simply want to disinfect a few heavily touched gadgets -- like doorknobs, faraway controls, and phones -- every day.

8. Switch to paper goods. If every person's sick, use paper towels in preference to hand towels inside the lavatory. Switch out glasses for paper cups, and toss them after one use. You'll be much less probably to switch germs.

9. Fill the refrigerator and pantry. Stock up on some smooth-to-make foods for lunches and dinners, if you need some days to rest and recover without cooking. Have a few preferred liquids and snacks on hand in your kids. Consist of some (wholesome) comfort foods like bird soup and PB&J.

10. Relaxation. Whether or not you're looking to get over a chilly or flu, or trying to avoid it, get plenty of sleep. Get your kids to the mattress on time, too.

11. Get your flu shot. One of the best approaches to assist hold the flu far from your property is to ensure your entire circle of relatives gets vaccinated.

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