HIV and Aids - How Do You Get It?

effects of HIV on the body

What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency disease. Health and Fitness tips about HIV are the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). HIV harasses the protected system's soldiers - the CD4 group. While the protected structure drops also lots of CD4 cells, you be less competent to struggle off the virus and can increase serious opportunistic disease (OIs). An anyone is identifying with AIDS while he or she has fewer than 200 CD4 cells and/or one of 21 AIDS-defining OIs.

General legend: "HIV doesn't cause AIDS."

Certainty: If you don't contain HIV, you can't obtain AIDS. If you contain AIDS, you contain HIV. The present is 20 years of hard logical proof on this. AIDS is not sourced by party drugs, AZT, government conspiracies, or great moreover but a virus.

HIV/AIDS is an extreme contamination

Can you die from HIV?, HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It’s a virulent disease that breaks down certain cells on your immune system (your body’s defense against diseases that allows you stay healthful). Whilst HIV damages your immune machine, it’s easier to get truly unwell and even die from infections that your body ought to generally fight off.

HIV can have an effect on anybody — approximately 1 million human beings inside the U.S. Are dwelling with HIV, and extra than 41,000 new infections show up every yr. The majority with HIV don’t have any signs and symptoms for decades and feel completely best, in order that they may not even recognize they've it.

Effects of HIV on the body

Once you have HIV, the virus stays in your body for existence. There’s no treatment for HIV, however, medicine will let you live wholesome longer and lower your chances of spreading the virus to different people. The remedy is virtually essential (that’s why getting tested is so crucial). Human beings who've HIV and don’t get remedy almost constantly die from the virus. But with medication, human beings with HIV may be healthful and stay a long term.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS?

HIV is the virus that reasons AIDS. AIDS stands for obtained Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV and AIDS are not the identical elements. And people with HIV do no longer usually have AIDS.

HIV is the virus that’s surpassed from person to character. Over time, HIV destroys an important form of the cellular for your immune machine (called CD4 cells or T cells) that enables shield you from infections. Whilst you don’t have sufficient of these CD4 cells, your body can’t combat off infections the manner it generally can.

AIDS is the sickness due to the damage that HIV does in your immune machine. You have AIDS while you get dangerous infections or have a wonderful low variety of CD4 cells. AIDS is the most extreme level of HIV, and it leads to loss of life over the years.

Without treatment, it generally takes about 10 years for a person with HIV to broaden AIDS. Remedy slows down the harm the virus causes and might assist human beings to live healthy for several many years.

How do you get HIV and AIDS?

HIV is carried in semen (cum), vaginal fluids, blood, and breast milk. The virus gets to your frame through cuts or sores in your pores and skin, and thru mucous membranes (like the internal of the vagina, rectum, and beginning of the penis). You may get HIV from:

having vaginal or anal intercourse

sharing needles or syringes for taking pictures drugs, piercings, tattoos, and many others.

Getting stuck with a needle that has HIV-inflamed blood on it

getting HIV-inflamed blood, semen (cum), or vaginal fluids into open cuts or sores in your frame

inside the U.S., HIV is usually unfolded via having unprotected intercourse. The usage of condoms and/or dental dams on every occasion you've got intercourse and now not sharing needles can help guard you and your partners against HIV.

HIV can also be passed to toddlers during pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding. A pregnant female with HIV can take remedy to greatly lessen the risk that her infant will get HIV.

HIV isn’t spread via saliva (spit), so you CAN’T get HIV from kissing, sharing food or liquids, or the use of the same fork or spoon. HIV is likewise not unfolded through hugging, keeping arms, coughing, or sneezing. And you can’t get HIV from a restroom seat.

A long-term in the past, some people got HIV from infected blood transfusions. However now, giving or getting blood in clinical facilities is absolutely safe. Medical doctors, hospitals, and blood donation centers don’t use needles extra than once, and donated blood is tested for HIV and other infections.

HIV Transmission

HIV is simply increasing during the following body solution:
Vaginal fluids
Breast milk
The mainly general ways Health and Fitness tips about HIV is accepted from one person to another are:
Reusing and distribution needles
Unprotected sex
Throughout pregnancy, throughout the birth, or through breastfeeding

What are the signs of HIV/AIDS?

Humans with HIV don’t typically have signs right away, so they'll now not realize they have it. It is able to be years earlier than HIV makes you experience unwell.

Early HIV signs and symptoms

humans usually appearance and feel totally healthful for a long term when they’re inflamed. It may take 10 years or greater for HIV to expose any symptoms — or lots, a lot longer than that for folks who take HIV drug treatments. That's why it is clearly important to get tested for HIV often, mainly in case you’ve had unprotected sex or shared needles. HIV remedies can help you stay healthful plenty longer.

The primary 2-four weeks after being inflamed with HIV, you may experience feverish, achy, and unwell. Those flu-like signs are your body’s first reaction to the HIV contamination. During this time, there’s loads of the virus in your system, so it’s surely easy to spread HIV to different humans. The symptoms most effective last for a few weeks, and then you typically don’t have signs again for years.

Once you have got HIV, you could supply it to other human beings — whether or not or now not you have symptoms or sense ill.

Later HIV/AIDS symptoms

HIV destroys cells on your immune device referred to as CD4 cells or T cells. Without CD4 cells, your frame has a hard time preventing off sicknesses. This makes you more likely to get sincerely ill from infections that generally wouldn’t hurt you. Over time, the damage HIV does in your immune gadget leads to AIDS.

You have AIDS while you get rare infections (called opportunistic infections) or types of most cancers, or in case you’ve lost a certain number of CD4 cells. This normally takes place about 10 years once you have HIV in case you don’t get treatment. The remedy can delay or even prevent you from ever growing AIDS.

The signs of AIDS encompass:

Thrush (a thick, white coating on your tongue or mouth)

A sore throat

awful yeast infections

chronic pelvic inflammatory sickness  

Getting bad infections plenty

Feeling virtually tired, dizzy, and lightheaded


losing plenty of weight quick

Bruising more without problems than regular

Having diarrhea, fevers, or night sweats for a long-term

Swollen or firm glands on your throat, armpit, or groin

Deep, dry coughing spells

Feeling quick of breath

Purplish growths to your pores and skin or inner your mouth

Bleeding from the mouth, nostril, anus, or vagina

pores and skin rashes

Feeling very numb in your fingers or ft, losing manage of your muscles and reflexes, no longer being able to move, and dropping power in your muscle tissue.

The HIV Test

The present is simply the particular dependable method to situate absent your Health and Fitness tips about HIV position also that is toward attaining the HIV test. The most common test is an antibody test called ELISA. An activist effect means you contain antibodies for HIV with you is infected through the virus.

General legend: "The HIV check can't be trusted."
Fact: The HIV antibody test is one of the mainly regular medical tests. According to to the middle for disease manages and Prevention (CDC), it is more than 99% correct. In addition, each one advanced results are recognized through a special test (called the Western Blot) to cover no mistake are complete.

The present is no treating for Health and Fitness tips about HIV. However present are drugs that preserve slow down the virus moreover protect your protected structure. Present are moreover drugs to treat and prevent OIs. If you do not identify your status you cannot obtain the health fitness care and treatment you might require to wait healthy. You are too further likely to innocently pass Health Fitness tips about HIV to others.

Women and HIV

Sure gynecological (GYN) situation are extra general, more serious and/or further hard to please in HIV+ women than HIV- women:
Herpes simplex virus (genital herpes)
Person papillomavirus (warts, dysplasia)
Pelvic inflammatory virus (PID)
Fungal disease (yeast infections, vaginal candidiasis)
Menstrual (period) Problems
HIV+ women must have normal GYN trouble and Pap spread while a lot of GYN situation perform not contain clear symptoms and preserve obtain worse lacking you understand it.

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