It Turns Out That Artificial Sweeteners Also Have Good Benefits

It turns out that artificial sweeteners also have good benefits - Unconsciously, every day we consume products that contain artificial sweeteners. This material is present in almost a variety of home consumer products, ranging from drinks, cakes, chewing gum, to toothpaste.

Although artificial sweeteners are substitutes for synthetic sugars, they can come from natural ingredients. Natural ingredients commonly used as sugar substitutes come from plants or even sugar itself. The sweetness of artificial sweeteners can be many times that of sugar. The types of artificial sweeteners include saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose.

Since the beginning of its presence, artificial sweeteners have reaped the concerns of various parties. The toxic effects that may be caused are said to cause various health risks. Cancer, stroke, low birth weight babies, high blood pressure, vomiting, dizziness, obesity, and heart disease are a range of health conditions associated with the use of artificial sweeteners.

It Turns Out That Artificial Sweeteners Also Have Good Benefits

Positive Benefits of Artificial Sweeteners

Although often used as a scapegoat for the emergence of various diseases, the use of artificial sweeteners is increasingly widespread. This sugar substitute is often used because it is considered to have a positive effect on health. Some conditions that might be helped by artificial sweeteners include:

One of the advantages of artificial sweeteners compared to sugar is that it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners are not carbohydrates. Because of the advantages, this artificial sweetener is often recommended for diabetics.

Although often used as a reference, the use of sugar substitutes still cannot be arbitrary. Diabetics who want to replace sugar intake with artificial sweeteners are advised to consult with a nutrition doctor first.

Being overweight or obese
Another benefit that can be obtained from the use of artificial sweeteners is that it does not cause weight gain since the calorie content in this ingredient is almost non-existent. When compared to ordinary sugar, the calorie content in sugar substitutes is far less.

But in reality, the use of artificial sweeteners to maintain or lose weight is still a question mark. There are several studies that found that this material can actually increase body weight. But the research is still not completely complete, because there is no scientific explanation for the claim.

To make artificial sweeteners not harmful

Although it has the advantage of low calorie so that it is good for a diet to lose weight and is safe for diabetics, the use of artificial sweeteners must also follow the clear rules of use. One that must be considered carefully is other ingredients from drinks or foods that use artificial sugar. Make sure the artificial sweetener products you consume have passed the test from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency.

There are at least a number of artificial sweeteners, including saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. In addition to these ingredients, stevia which is a low-calorie natural sweetener can also be used as a sugar substitute.

Recent research reveals that artificial sweeteners are no longer a healthy alternative step as a sugar substitute. The best way to sweeten food and drinks is with fresh fruit or frozen fruit. Some natural sweeteners are considered good as a sugar substitute, namely stevia, honey, and maple syrup.

Artificial sweeteners are considered safe for teeth because they can help reduce the risk of cavities. However, if artificial sugar is contained in soft drinks, it is still not safe for teeth, because the acid in soda can cause tooth enamel erosion.

What should be underlined is that not all foods or drinks that use artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar mean healthier. Also, pay attention to the overall composition of the food or drink consumed.

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