How to Overcome Android Restart Easily

If you are experiencing an Android cell phone that often restarts by itself without being clearly identified the cause, then you can be sure you will be confused and panic that is not true. In this article, we will discuss how to overcome Android phones that often experience their own restart easily.

Android phones often restart themselves even though the battery is full, it is likely to occur if the battery is almost worn/damaged. This is usually caused by several applications on your Android phone and hardware that are being damaged.

This damage can occur when you frequently install applications carelessly by retrieving them from untrusted sources.

Applications that have been installed can cause your Android phone to restart frequently. This can also cause sudden problems that will arise, especially on your Android Hp hardware.

How to Overcome Android Restart Easily

Here are some of the reasons Android phones often restart themselves

In accordance with our knowledge, to find out the problems caused by an Android phone that repeatedly restarts itself following its presentation:

1. Install the application carelessly. Install applications for free or free. Usually, in some applications, it has a crash. With this incompatibility in the APK code, it will cause damage to your Android Hp hardware and software. That means the Android APK that is installed does not match the system on your Android phone.

2. Too many applications installed on Hp. Every person who has an Android mobile phone, he must have a social media application to chat. Although there is already one social media application still wants to add other social media applications. Therefore you must be wise when you want to install what application you want to use.

3. Battery resistance has decreased. If your Android phone always restarts itself, please check the battery quality if it can still be used or has been damaged/dropped. If the battery has dropped, the solution is to replace it with a new one according to the type of battery. Please buy the nearest Ac Accessories store in your area.

4. Hot Android Hp Machine. The occurrence of excessive heat is usually caused by many applications being run. Applications that run in the background will drain more of your Android's battery so that it also loads RAM and processor.

5. There is a part of the system of the Android mobile application that is not running properly.

6. The occurrence of errors in the Android mobile system settings so that it does not match its function.

7. Too many caches or junk files contained on the Android mobile system that you have not cleaned up.

8. Update your Android system to a newer version.

9 Your Android phone is infected with a virus that can damage the performance of the Android system itself.

10. Some other causes often occur, if you frequently use an Android mobile phone for a long time.

11. The age of an old android, if it's old, it's better if your Android phone is ready to be the museum.

Those are some of the reasons Android phones often restart themselves. then the next step is to find a solution to overcome Android Mobile often restart itself easily.

The following tips on how to overcome Android Mobile often restart itself easily:

1. Uninstall applications that are not used. Remove some applications that are not needed if you don't need them too much. For example, there are social media APKs that require too much storage memory and make it full but you don't really need it.

2. Install a lightweight game. Not only social media applications are noticed, even the games that you install can also cause Android phones to restart frequently even die completely.

3. Check the applications installed on your Android phone, whether it's an old application installed or a new application installed. There may be an old application that needs to be updated/updated or you have just installed an application that is not compatible with your Android Hp system.

4. Unroot Android. Uninstalling rooted on an Android Mobile system which is the main cause of Android often restarts by itself. Therefore you must unroot your Android phone.

5. Perform check settings on your Android Mobile. there may be incorrect or incorrect settings. If this happens, please return it to the original Android system settings to run normally.

6. Clean the cache on Android Mobile. To quickly load your Android phone, please choose which application you want to clean the cache using the cache cleaner application.

7. Perform a Factory reset. If the above method has not been able to fix an Android cell phone that often restarts by itself. Maybe this method will help you deal with the problem. Please try to do a Factory reset so that all garbage, and files that are not used will be deleted all.

With this Factory reset, the data stored on the Mobile storage will all be lost. Therefore, you must back up to other devices all data that is considered important before doing a Factory reset.

The following is a further analysis of the Android Mobile Phone that often experiences its own restart

Android phones often experience their own restart called "Bootloop"

Bootloop is a problem that usually occurs in the Android system software failure when booting. As for signs in the form of failure to enter the system only by displaying your android vendor's logo repeatedly.

If you also experience such problems, of course, you don't need to panic too much. No need to be too rushed to bring your cell phone to a service provider. Please note, boot loop itself has three distinctive features, the following will be explained by examples and explanations.

1). Bootloop Light: When the Android cell is turned on it will get stuck or get stuck in the boot logo, but usually can enter the Home screen, but this is still experiencing a boot loop event after a while.

If you often experience problems with boot loops or stuck in the boot logo but can still access the Android menu, try to clear the cache on HP or reduce the use of applications that require a lot of Hp (RAM) memory.

Because this boot loop is likely to occur because the Android mobile is not strong enough to withstand loading applications. This certainly drains too much HP Memory. Even though you have to provide at least 50MB of spare memory for system performance on Android Mobile.

If this happens again, reset your android so that it looks new again. By going to "Backup and Reset settings" factory data reset. Don't forget to back up important data on your Android mobile device.

b). Bootloop Medium: When the Android phone is activated, you will be stuck on the boot animation logo. However, you can still access the CWM menu or recovery mode.

In this moderate boot loop event. Usually, the Android phone will be stuck on the logo animation and cannot access the Android menu. This is due to users often changing Android android systems or recovery systems, one of which is rooting.

Basically rooting an Android cell phone can reduce the cellphone warranty itself. Even though the user is given the freedom to access the features he wants. But actually, this can cause damage to the Android cell system itself if we carelessly make changing changes.

If you experience an event like this, you can backup data through CWM mode. After that, you can install the custom Android factory-built ROM using a PC or laptop. Also, make sure that you install CWM that matches your Android phone type.

For the CWM Installation tutorial itself, you can see the ways in the forum or website that provides tips on installing custom ROMs.

c). Bootloop Weight: When the Android phone is activated, it will stop at the boot animation logo, and cannot access recovery menus or CWM.

This boot loop usually occurs because the user changes the default ROM or upgrades the Android OS to the latest version but fails.

How to deal with boot loop this one is not too difficult, you just need to use a Laptop / PC along with a data cable to flash the ROM or factory default settings. How to do flashing on every Android cellphone is certainly not the same, all are usually different.

Almost similar to moderate boot loop, if you have not previously backed up your Android Hp factory ROM, then you can download it through forums or websites that provide it. But also you must ensure that the custom ROM is compatible with your Android device.

With the occurrence of events that are as complicated as that, of course, you can learn not to adjust to change the original Android Hp system settings. Basically, after boot loop don't let you repeat the same error.

Such are the tips on How to Overcome the Android Phone Often Restarting Yourself easily. Hopefully, by following the tips above, your Android phone will be back to normal as before.

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