Women share warning shock after suffering a ' sting ' of poisonous Caterpillar

Women share warning shock after suffering a ' sting ' of poisonous Caterpillar

A Florida woman was in recovery after stung by poisonous worms in a local park.

Now, he wants to share his experiences with the hopes of making others stay safe.

Tara Forbes says he is in Whispering Pines Park in Port St. Lucie last weekend, watching his son play in the playground.

She sat on a bench under the oak tree when he said he felt a burning sensation in his arm.

 "My arms out on the bench ... I think I might get a little sunburn,  "said Forbes. "I looked down and I have black fur and white here, and white fur on the inside. It instantly felt like fire, like someone issued a fire into my skin. "

poisonous Caterpillar

The smell, he said, came from Caterpillar cat poisoned. He did not know if it falls from a tree, where they are known to live, or if there are already on the bench where he sat. The pain was spread to the bones and joints and be very agonizing, he said.

 "My arms swell from my shoulder to my fingertips into my neck and even into my chest, " said.

He also became dizzy and nauseous.

Forbes is a nurse and knows what symptoms to look for to determine whether she should go to the emergency room. In retrospect, he said he would go if he was stung again for more control of the pain.

That is why he wanted his message to reach parents.

 "I think if this happened to my son or anyone else, they should go straight to the ER because it was very painful ... Kids are much smaller so it could affect them much worse,  "said.

More than 24 hours after making contact with Caterpillar, Forbes still feels sick.

"I think it will be good for other parents only to realize that when you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, these things can happen. Know to seek medical assistance immediately when it happens,  "said.

He said he used the duct tape to pull poisonous hairs out of her skin.

A spokesman with the city of Port St. Lucie said staff from the Department for children checked the grounds for Forbes after reports of poisonous Caterpillar is brought to their attention.

They did not find Caterpillar but says they'll be back Tuesday to see again. The spokesman said the crew checked all City City Park every day for potential danger.