7 Businesses That Promise You Must Try

Entrepreneurial tendencies are now mushrooming in Indonesia. Lots of people are competing to become successful entrepreneurs. This is because the promising business image can provide greater income than being an employee. Young people today know that even beginners don't seem to want to miss. They are motivated to develop the business world and get big profits to achieve mutual prosperity.

One thing that is of concern in determining a business is to see promising business prospects. Whether it can last long or seasonally. But unfortunately, not a few of the people who run businesses still ignore this.

You certainly do not want to experience the same thing both now and in the future, because it is very important to be able to see the business prospects that you will choose whether it is very promising for the future or just a seasonal boom business like franchise or franchise that tends to be fast but if consumers bored, business will be empty of orders.

Businesses That Promise You Must Try

For entrepreneurs, the increase in fuel and electricity costs is currently very high. As a result, imported products from abroad continue to flood the domestic market.

The bad threats that occur to local entrepreneurs are also very large, especially if their business opportunities develop less competitive, it can make them bankrupt due to some imported products from China whose prices are cheaper so that inevitably local industries will lose in price war rivals.

But at least there are still some promising businesses that are still very good in the future, which we can develop because the competitive potential in the market is still quite small. 

Here we summarize 7 promising businesses that you should try.

1. Business in the Property Sector

The number of people in the world from day to day will increase. By looking at the number of people who are increasingly exploding, the need for shelter for housing is increasing. This is one promising business where property developers can play with rising prices of land and property. At least by doing business in the property sector, you also contribute to the construction of residences in the world.

2. Business in the Automotive Sector

Automotive is experiencing a very fast development. Look at motorized vehicles more and more from time to time. Especially at this time, there are so many conveniences offered to own a motorized vehicle without having to use complicated conditions.

Of course, this can be used as a promising business opportunity. Business in the automotive field does not need to be big directly, which is important for the long term. Some types of automotive business opportunities such as Service Station, providing spare parts, motorbike/car wash services, etc.

3. Business in the Gold Investment Sector

Not a few international economic experts predict 2017-2020 as an economic year full of fluctuations and dynamics. This is inseparable from political and economic conditions in several regions that have an impact on the global situation, such as the conflict in the Middle East, tensions on the Korean Peninsula, China's economic conditions, the situation in the United States with a new President, and several other major countries. When the global situation is not good, financial markets will receive an impact, and business people will divert their assets in the form of other properties, one of which is a gold investment. This is what makes the gold investment which is suspected to be quite promising in 2017-2020. To invest in this precious metal sector, you do not have to start with capital of hundreds of millions. With a capital of 5 million, we can already choose a gold investment, either gold investment, investment in gold bars, gold coins, gold or gold jewelry certificates.

4. Business in the Culinary Field

The culinary business is a business field that has no death, from month to month year to year. Why is that? because the food is a basic human need that continues to be needed. Business in this culinary field is a promising business, but your culinary business must be able to withstand competition. Creativity and innovation are needed in this business. More creative about the culinary you have, more customers will always be curious about the culinary menu that you serve.

What kind of culinary business is good? You can run a culinary business such as making snacks, open catering, tent stalls, etc. Don't forget to be consistent and never give up on running this culinary business.

If the food menu is served with delicious taste, the name of your culinary business will spread by itself. The culinary business itself has several categories, ranging from food, drinks, staple foods, or typical foods of a region. All culinary businesses have good prospects, depending on how you present to your consumer market target.

5. Business in the Online Field

One promising business of all time is that which deals with the internet. The growth of internet users in the world is a new business potential that is worth considering.

Even with Facebook and Twitter. With the presence of online business opportunities, it will be very good if developed on social networks. Even though Facebook and other sites already exist.

In the last 5 years, the growth of online business continues to increase. This is supported by an expanding internet network, and the prices of internet devices are increasingly affordable. With a smartphone that costs 500 thousand, the community has been able to surf the internet smoothly. This indirectly has a positive impact on the progress of the internet business.

You can also run a business. Like opening an online fashion store, as a drop shipper, affiliate or website writing service content and others.

Speaking of internet business, there are many variations. The most popular online businesses for small entrepreneurs include:

E-commerce through Online Stores and Social Media
Dropshipping and affiliate business products
Blogging, Youtubers, and Vlogs
Online business services, consultants, translators, graphic design, Online courses and the like.
Create application applications, software, and other digital products.

6. Business in the field of Cattle and goats

According to information, currently, the supply of beef and goats is running low. In reality, there are many restaurants or hotels that need beef and goats and they have difficulty meeting their needs.

The government finally launched a meat self-sufficiency program which is expected to be achieved by 2020. This is one promising business that opens opportunities for you to get involved in opening a livestock business.

7. Business in Fashion

Just like the culinary business, business in the fashion sector is one of the promising types of business and is always sought after by many people. The reason is that clothing is a primary need for humans, and humans now have a lot of desire to model their clothes. The fashion business also has many product categories, such as men's or women's clothing, children, Muslim clothing, Korean models and others.

That is the 7 types of business that are promising in the future that you should try and run, and there are still many other promising types of businesses.

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