Guidelines for Preparing Business Proposals Easily

Guidelines for preparing business proposals easily - The plan that you must do before starting an ideal business is to make an example of a business proposal. Why is this document considered an ideal business plan? This is because in your proposal detailed various aspects relating to the business that you will run.

Among them are opportunities to enter the market, SWOT Analysis, capital estimates for details of products or services. The preparation of business proposals generally aims to facilitate you in running a business or business because it has clear and detailed guidelines.

Business proposals are general media to explain business profiles that will be developed by entrepreneurs. This proposal is in the form of a written document that describes all elements, both internal and external to the new business. In preparing a business proposal, you need to pay attention to several important factors in it such as realistic goals, flexibility, time limits, and commitment.

Guidelines for preparing business proposals easily

By having a business proposal, you can more easily make plans to develop your business in the future. Not only that, you can also get some other benefits, such as, comparing previous plans and results to be achieved, developing and testing strategies and expected results from the perspective of the other side, as a communication tool in describing your business, helping to think critically and goals, help to understand the competition of economic factors and financial analysis, and explain the existence of sources of funds in managing a business.

Guidelines for Preparing Business Proposals Easily

The preparation of business proposals is generally not standard, but in general, this proposal must be prepared based on an analysis of business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to be faced. The information generally included in the business proposal is as follows.

Explanation of business
In this section, you can provide a brief description of the business that will or will be done, the background to the selection of business prospects and businesses in the future, the advantages of the field of business choice, and business constraints and anticipation of solutions.

Products for sale
The business proposal must explain the details of product specifications, such as size, type, usability, privileges, the number of products produced for each period, and so on. In making a product, every entrepreneur must consider important things such as consumer demand and needs, market competition, resources that support product manufacture, consumer purchasing power.

Business location
The business location must be included in the proposal because the location is part of the marketing aspect in addition to price and promotion. There are two things that need to be considered in determining the business location, namely:

  • Backward Relationships, a relationship related to how to get raw materials that have an impact on the number of production costs.

  • Future relationships, relationships related to the marketing of regional results related to the problem of product sales and distribution to reach consumers.

A market is a place where people make transactions or where producers and consumers meet. Before entering the market, entrepreneurs must establish market segments, target consumers, including the price of marketing strategy policies. Five types of markets targeted by entrepreneurs from the products produced are market monopolies, perfect competition markets, market oligopolies, market monopolies, and monopsony markets.

Companies must be able to explain business positions and competition in the market. In addition, the company must also be able to explain the strategies that will be implemented to win the competition. The company's position is classified into four, namely the market leader, the best Challenger market, market followers and market leaders.

Financial statements
Companies that have just started a business must include capital plans, estimated costs, and revenues. While those who already have a business must include financial statements in preparing business proposals. Financial reports include company balance sheets, profit/loss reports, breakeven analysis (BEP) and sources of capital so that the actual capacity and potential of the company can be assessed.

Business management
In a business proposal, the entrepreneur must explain in detail about the form of ownership, capital structure, the organizational role of the company, status of the business entity that will run whether in the form of individuals, Firms, CVs, Limited Liability Companies or other business entities.

Personnel (HR)
In this section, you can explain the composition of personnel in the company's organizational structure, complete with the number of employees and educational background.

Credit proposal
In the credit proposal, you can send some funds needed to develop the business, with details of the allocation of funds.

The important things that need to be included in this section are important company documents such as company establishment deeds, SIUP, land certificates, and so on.

By compiling a good business proposal, you can run your business more easily and regularly. After the business is going well, you must continue to grow your business so that your business is not left behind by customers. In developing the business appropriately, you need to look at your company's financial statements.

That is a brief explanation of the guidelines for preparing business proposals easily which are good and true, hopefully useful.

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