7 Foods For Stomach Acid Sufferers

7 Foods For Stomach Acid SufferersFor those of you who suffer from gastric acid or GERD, sorting out food is very important and can be quite confusing. Because choosing the wrong food can make stomach acid increase and GERD also relapse. The following are food choices for people with stomach acid.

Foods such as chocolate, fatty foods, spicy foods, sour fruits, tomatoes, onions, and garlic are generally triggers of GERD symptoms. Symptoms of acid reflux can be nausea, vomiting, bloating, hot stomach, or food returning to the esophagus (reflux). However, the effect of each food can also be different for everyone. In order to control the symptoms that might arise, try to pay more attention to any foods that can trigger your GERD.

7 Foods For Stomach Acid Sufferers

7 Foods For Stomach Acid Sufferers

It is recommended to eat foods as below to reduce the symptoms of stomach acid that may appear.

1. Oatmeal

People with acid reflux need foods that are rich in fiber to deal with symptoms of stomach acid. Oatmeal can absorb stomach acid and reduce symptoms of reflux. In addition, oatmeal is not only rich in fiber but also can make you full longer.

2. Ginger

This one herb turns out to not only provide a warm taste but also can reduce the risk of stomach acid rise. With the anti-inflammatory content of ginger, ginger can overcome digestive problems and can be a natural treatment for stomach acid or stomach ulcers. To get the benefits, you can consume it by cutting or grated, then made a warm ginger drink.

3. Aloe vera

With the content in it that can function as a natural healer, aloe vera is believed to be able to treat stomach acid. In addition to being consumed in the form of drinks, aloe vera can also function as a clumping liquid and thickener.

4. Green vegetable

Green vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, beans, and asparagus have ingredients that are believed to reduce stomach acid. So that these vegetables are well consumed as food for people with stomach acid.

5. Lean Meat

Eating fatty and oily foods is not recommended for people with stomach acid. So, if you want to eat fish, seafood or meat, it is recommended to choose nonfat, skinless, and processed by baking, boiling, steaming, or burning.

6. Banana

With a pH of about 5.6 in it, bananas are one of the fruits that are good for people with stomach acid. Besides bananas, other fruits that can be consumed include pears, apples, or melons.

7. Bread

As for bread, the choice of bread that is recommended for consumption of stomach acid sufferers is bread that has a grain content or variety of grains in it. Because, this type of bread can contain many vitamins, fiber, and nutrients that are good for the body and stomach health.

In addition to including some types of food for people with stomach acid into your daily menu, also pay attention to some things that can trigger stomach acid rise. Avoid lying down after eating, sm0king, eating large portions of food or eating until full and consuming soft drinks or alc0h0l.

Don't let the rising stomach acid interfere with your comfort in your activities. Consume a variety of foods for people with gastric acid above and enjoy the benefits that you can immediately feel.

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