16 Potential Creative and Unique Business Ideas

16 potential creative and unique business ideas - An increasingly sophisticated era requires everyone to be more creative in dealing with every field. Likewise, for all people involved in the business are required to have more creative business ideas in order to attract customers and investors. Creating your own creative business is not difficult. Because the market is right to create something unique and creative that already exists.

It's just that there are always obstacles in themselves or external obstacles that never materialize to develop them. Often the lack of capital is also a big obstacle so that business is never done. However, if studied carefully, many business people have succeeded in making a very successful creative endeavor to achieve. The trend in doing business among young people is increasingly popular. To compete and survive in the business world, you must choose a small capital creative business idea that has greater opportunities.

16 potential creative and unique business ideas

Opening your own business seems to be a good trend now. You can see this business growth trend from many startup companies and creative businesses that are mostly done by young people. Pioneering personal business has its own challenges that make many people vying to be able to realize a successful business. In the midst of high competition, creative businesses can still survive and become the center of attention because they come with a variety of interesting innovations. Named creative business because in the product manufacturing process creativity is needed so that it can produce artistic value and high selling prices.

16 Potential Creative and Unique Business Ideas

For those of you who are interested in opening a creative business. see along with a review of 15 potential creative and unique business ideas that you can choose, namely:

1. recycling plastic waste

Recycling plastic waste which is processed with high creativity will produce goods that have selling value. Recycled plastic waste products require only a little capital because you can get them from plastic or plastic waste around you.
But do not underestimate the business of recycled plastic waste because only from plastic waste, you can make various handicraft items that can be exported to foreign countries. Some well-known recycled plastic products are shopping bags, backpacks, sandals and umbrellas.

2. Residential home products

You can choose Home Living creative business ideas. This creative industry does have many competitors, but if you make it look a little different, of course, your product can compete and many people are interested. Try to make certain themes such as vintage, bohemian, macrame, industrial, and so on. The marketing trick is that you have to be smart in integrating and making photos that look neat to attract prospective buyers.

3. Creative Business Made of Rattan

Rattan-based business is still in great demand. Articles about the form of elastic rattan make it possible to make various types of objects for sale. For example, popular rattan-based objects are rattan bags, rattan baskets, lighting places, and so on.

Creative rattan-based businesses are never extinct. They modify it in such a way that it forms decent work for sale. This business is also likely to be glimpsed by foreigners because it is characteristic of something. Therefore, to sell it can be done online through social media that you have.

4. furniture from used goods

Do you often come to cafes or coffee shops now? Some cafes and coffee shops, some have industrial concepts so they deliberately place unique furniture made from used goods, such as chairs made from oil drums. In addition to oil drums, used tires, container racks, beverage crates, and used bathtubs. You can make furniture from items that are used as creative business ideas with minimal capital but luckily maximum. In order not to lack the supply of goods used, you must establish cooperation with places where used goods collectors.

5. Second-hand furniture

Some cafes and coffee shops have industrial concepts so they deliberately make unique furniture made from used goods, such as chairs made from oil drums. Apart from oil drums, there are container racks, used tires, crater drinks, and used bathtubs. You can make furniture from used goods as a creative business idea with minimal capital but fortunately, it remains maximum. In order not to lack a supply of used goods, you have to work together with places for collecting used goods.

6. Baby Equipment Rental Services

Baby equipment rental services are in great demand. Customers who have new babies are greatly helped by this rental service. Because baby equipment is temporary and can only be used in a matter of months. So, many people choose to rent it rather than buying it. Baby equipment that can be used such as baby boxes, baby dining chairs, ASI freezers, breast pumps, toys, and so on. The time for renting baby gear also varies, averaging from one month to six months. It all depends on customer needs and also contracts from the parties. The creative business of baby gear rental services is promising. To do a promotion can be through social media or other promotional media.

7. Drone Rental Services

Drone rental services are still relatively rare. Although in a number of large and small events it is still very much needed to capture important moments of society. If you have the best quality camera drones, immediately open a rental business creative service. Because currently, the average drone tenant is from an agency, company, or developer who really needs a drone for their work project. The opportunity for the current drone rental service is very promising. Because there are still not many, while the demand is quite high. So, what are you waiting for, now is the time to get income from the items you have.

8. Business Print 3 Dimensions

The next creative effort that is quite interesting is the 3-dimensional Print business. These 3-dimensional prints can be printed on t-shirts, for souvenirs, and so on. This business is quite unique and promising, anyone can do so provided they have a special printer to produce 3-dimensional prints. People who are interested in the results of this business are usually from children, teenagers, and adults.

9. 3 Dimensional Pudding Business

Another interesting creative effort is 3-dimensional pudding. In general, the pudding business that is widely known by the general public is an ordinary dessert made of gelatin mixed with milk. Now, pudding has other variations where there are other variations that make someone interested in buying and tasting it. The new variation of the pudding is to use 3D decorations in various forms. 3-dimensional ornaments are the most widely used for pudding usually in the form of leaves, flowers, and also batik.

10. Food Truck Business

This business is included in a business that is still rare. Food trucks are an attempt to sell food using a modified truck. In addition to selling food which is the customer's main attraction, the truck is uniquely decorated using attractive colors and images. Usually sold in creative businesses, food trucks include ready-to-eat food and concoction drinks.
The existence of Food Truck itself still exists in big cities. they will sell in crowded places such as apartments, malls, residential complexes and city squares and so on. To open this business, considerable capital is needed considering the truck must be modified in such a way that it resembles a restaurant in general. However, the costs incurred will be comparable to income because they are made with interesting and creative concepts.

11. Business salon for Muslim women

The business of setting up salons for Muslim women is still very rare. Even though the market segmentation to open this business is so big. This creative effort is not just a mere profit. But it can empower women who don't have jobs. Besides that, opening a business can be a place to broadcast Islam, especially about Muslims. One of the motivations for Muslim salons is because most of them want to be in a private space that is only done by fellow Muslim women.

12. Unique Wedding Invitation Card

The next creative effort can create creative and unique invitation cards. Business actors for marriage invitation cards are quite a lot. Of course, in this sophisticated era, it is required to issue creative ideas to make something new. Therefore, unique and creative wedding invitation cards began to emerge, such as in the form of plane tickets, invitations in the form of bags, wedding invitations with unique images, and a series of other designs that appealed to prospective brides.

13. Costume Rental Services

Who would have thought the costume rental service business could develop well. Usually, these creative business people rent traditional caricature costumes and traditional clothes. The most popular caricature characters are usually anime and also some Walt Disney characters. In addition to the interests of children, adolescents and adults are also interested in renting them. Therefore, if you want to open a costume rental business, try having costumes for kids and adults. Another thing that must be considered is working with designers or tailors. Because they will help you make attractive costumes that are in demand by customers. To open a business this requires a team that can draw interesting design concepts. In addition, a reliable marketing team also needs to market it.

14. Efforts to Get Mahar Coins and Coins for Marriage

Have you ever seen a unique and attractive wedding dowry? Yes, this effort is being sought and the lyrics of many people will get married. You can order various designs of dowry money according to your wishes. The dowry designs that are usually most ordered are usually in the form of the names of two brides, the Ka'bah, birds, landscape images, caricatures of both parties, and other unique forms. The capital spent on this creative endeavor is not large. You only need a canvas and dowry money, which is usually sent directly by the bride to you, always a dowry money designer.

15. Selling Chocolate Business with Unique Shape

The next creative business is using chocolate ingredients. Currently, there are many chocolate ingredients in circulation with unique and creative shapes. Some sell it in the form of bouquets, dolls, flowers, clothing, automotive and other unique forms. Chocolate with unique ingredients is still very sought after, especially by teenagers. Besides being shaped unique and interesting, chocolate can also be mixed with other ingredients such as lunkhead, beans, and so on. The chocolate business is very promising, especially if taken seriously. Usually, the high demand for chocolate is ahead of holidays or certain moments that are so special for customers.

16. Business Selling Annual Agenda with Unique Design

Even though today many people use smartphones to record all their daily activities, they still need the physical agenda needed by some people. Before the emergence of smartphones, there were many people who sold the agenda. However, it gradually decreased because it had switched to using technology. But don't worry about making the annual agenda not really die because there are still people who are interested. Therefore, if you want to pursue this creative endeavor, it can be modified in terms of design and content. You can play in terms of cover design by carrying out the profession theme. like the profession of teachers, doctors, police, business people and so on. Or you can also use caricature designs that interest children and teenagers. More unique ones can also use the owner's face design photos.

In addition to the design cover, the appeal of the annual agenda is the content of the agenda itself. Can be created tables with targets to be achieved in the new year. This can be beneficial to customers because they feel helped by the presence of a target table. This creative effort does not require large capital. It's just that you have to work with a unique printer and designer.

Opportunities to open a business with creative and unique business ideas still have great potential. In addition to 15 examples of creative business ideas above, there are still many other creative endeavors that you can work on starting from culinary, fashion, accessories, and more. You can use a variety of recycled basic ingredients to create a creative and unique effort. By utilizing a variety of simple materials that exist in your environment, you don't need to need a large amount of capital. In making this creative and unique business that must be considered is a business opportunity. In the sense of seeing opportunities that are in front of your eyes such as using basic ingredients. In addition, the target market is clear, meaning that this creative and unique effort will be made for those who of course must be adapted to age.