Facts about Benefits of Potatoes for the Face

Facts about benefits of potatoes for the face - Some people believe that there are benefits of potatoes for the face, such as can brighten the face, help overcome the problem of acne, and other facial skin problems. However, do potatoes really have these benefits?

Generally, potatoes are processed by boiling, baking, or fried. Various food products from processed potatoes such as french fries, potato chips, and potato starch. Then, what happens if potatoes are used for your face?

Facts about benefits of potatoes for the face

Myths of Benefits of Potatoes for the Face

Potatoes are a type of tubers which are usually eaten as vegetables. Potatoes are very good for you. Many nutrients you can get in potato tubers. For example calcium, carbohydrates, water, fat, sugar, fiber, and protein.

Variously processed potatoes are very easy to find anywhere. But not only eaten, some people often use potatoes to overcome problems on the skin of their face.

It has long been believed that potatoes can act as an anti-inflammatory and may also be antiseptic. The niacin content in potatoes seems to be expected to help relieve acne scars. To get the benefits of potatoes for the face, people usually slice the potatoes and put them on the skin of their face, or by making it into a mask by grating the potatoes and then applying to the face for about two minutes. 

You need to know that the protein contained in potatoes seems to cause contact dermatitis, you know. Contact dermatitis or what is known as eczema is a skin disorder that causes an itchy reaction on the skin affected by allergens. So, the benefits of potatoes for the face have not been proven correct and still need further research.

This Potato Benefits You Can Get

Although the benefits of potatoes for the face are still in doubt, some of the benefits of potatoes below have been proven to be true, including:

  • Potatoes contain higher antioxidants than red onions, peppers, and carrots. Antioxidants are very important for you because antioxidants can protect the body from free radicals.
  • Potatoes can provide important nutrients for your bodies, such as beta-carotene, polyphenols, and minerals. These three nutrients seem to reduce the risk of various diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Potatoes are also thought to be processed into drugs to treat stomach problems and buildup of fluid in the body or edema, overcoming burns, and eye pain. But the effectiveness of potatoes to treat these conditions still needs further research.
  • Potatoes are known to control appetite, it is appropriate that these vegetables are often used for diet programs. Potatoes are one of the foods that are rich in carbohydrates and filling. Potatoes can limit appetite so you can lose weight.
  • Eating potatoes is generally considered healthy and safe, but in some cases, people need to limit potato consumption or avoid it altogether, because some people have potato allergies.

You can get some of the benefits of these potatoes, but it depends on how you cook and process them. Try to cook potatoes with the skin. Because there are good sources of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C on potato skin.

French fries or potato chips are not recommended for consumption, because they contain high fat and unhealthy components. In addition, french fries and potato chips also contain high amounts of acrylamide, glycoalkaloid, and salt. All three are components that may have harmful effects on health from time to time.

Apparently, the benefits of potatoes for the face have yet to be clinically proven. Because there hasn't been much research found on this matter. If you want to deal with various problems on the skin of the face, you are advised to immediately consult a dermatologist to get the right treatment.

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