Foods that cause diabetes

Foods that cause diabetes - There are several types of foods that can increase a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Primarily, these foods and drinks are junk food groups, such as chips, french fries, and soft drinks. Now, ordinary people already know and consider it, that causes diabetes. This assumption is correct as these food and beverage groups can increase the risk of diabetes by 70 percent.

However, you may not realize that some other foods that are commonly consumed daily can increase blood sugar too. These foods can make blood sugar soar and in the long run, can endanger yourself.

Foods that cause diabetes

These are foods that should be avoided so as not to cause you to fall into the category of people with diabetes or make your diabetes condition worse.

Red meat and processed meat

Beef and mutton as red meat and hotdog or smoked meat as processed meat are basically related to the increase in type 2 diabetes. Especially in processed meat, this food is categorized as not good due to the high content of nitrate and sodium. Research shows that eating 85 grams of red meat every day can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 19 percent. Meanwhile, processed meat contributes a risk of up to 51 percent, although in the amount of consumption under the measure of fresh red meat.

Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks are considered a trigger for diabetes. Research shows that consuming 1-2 servings of sweet drinks per day can increase the risk of diabetes by 26 percent.

We recommend that you limit drinks that contain sugar, such as sweet tea, cream coffee, soda, syrup, and fruit juice to reduce the risk of diabetes. As a result of this food/drink can make the body immune to insulin if it is excess sugar. Prioritize the consumption of water so that the body's need for fluids is fulfilled.

Processed carbohydrates

White rice, flour, and white sugar are foods that contain high carbohydrates. Basically, this type of food is easily digested so it makes blood sugar rise rapidly. Although it looks mediocre, white rice has a share in increasing blood sugar levels. By consuming white rice every day can increase the risk of diabetes by 11%. In order to minimize the risk of diabetes, it is recommended to reduce the intake of processed carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, cakes, and bread and rice.

Saturated fat and trans fat

Do you like to eat fried foods? Fried food is the source of trans fat. On the other hand, a lot of saturated fat is contained in butter, cheese, milk, and fatty meats.

Cholesterol levels in the blood can increase because of these two types of fat. This high cholesterol is one of the risk factors for the body to experience type 2 diabetes. Therefore, foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats can be said to be the cause of diabetes.

Many people who have not realized that their daily food has been included in the category of foods that cause diabetes. It's time to reduce or avoid it from now on. Don't forget, keep up with regular exercise and managing stress so that health is maintained more optimally.

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