How to avoid foods that cause high cholesterol

How to avoid foods that cause high cholesterol - Cholesterol is actually a component of fat which plays an important role in keeping the body functioning. But having too high cholesterol can increase the risk of serious illness. You can avoid various foods that cause high cholesterol in these ways.

Cholesterol acts to produce bile acids to process food and coat cells. But this role can turn into a disease if cholesterol levels in the body are not maintained. Besides being produced by the liver, cholesterol can also be found in food. Therefore it is recommended to maintain cholesterol consumption in food in amounts not exceeding 200 mg.

How to avoid foods that cause high cholesterol

Unfortunately, we often do not realize that the foods we eat frequently are apparently foods that cause high cholesterol. Below is a way to make your favorite food, not a food that causes high cholesterol.

  • Fast food such as cheeseburgers can contain 85 to 175 mg of cholesterol in one portion. Not to mention the soda drinks and fries that are usually consumed in packages. Choose burgers with less content and consume them occasionally can be a wise way to avoid excess cholesterol.
  • A cup of ice cream can contain more cholesterol than a cup of burger and donuts. Instead of eating ice cream as a dessert, it's better to consume a bowl of fresh fruit that is rich in fiber and nutrients, and low in calories. Fruit can even reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
  • About 100 grams of rib steak can contain 20% saturated fat and 22% of cholesterol allowed to be consumed in a day. In order to continue to enjoy red meat steaks in a healthy manner, choose lean meat that has lower cholesterol levels such as tenderloin.
  • Eggs can be a healthy source of protein as long as they are consumed within reasonable limits in one day. If you have consumed eggs as breakfast, it is recommended to avoid consuming other cholesterol sources, such as burgers with cheese, like lunch. Eating 4-6 eggs per week is still normal, even for people with high cholesterol.
  • Choose cheese and low-fat milk to replace the milk and cheese you normally consume.
  • Some types of marine food, such as lobster, are foods that cause high cholesterol. About 85 grams of lobster contains about 60 mg of cholesterol before it is processed. To minimize the cholesterol content of seafood, choose a menu that is boiled rather than fried. In addition, shellfish can be a choice of marine foods that are low in cholesterol.
  • Viscera like animal liver contain more cholesterol than meat.
  • Instead of butter, use margarine containing unsaturated fat because it is made from vegetable oil.
  • Duck is a food that causes high cholesterol which is more risky than chicken.
  • Also, remove chicken skin before cooking to reduce cholesterol levels.

In essence, looking at the list of foods that cause high cholesterol does not mean that you should avoid all of the above foods. The key is to maintain food consumption to stay awake and balanced. Processing your own food can also be a way to reduce the risk of food that causes high cholesterol. Change how to cook, pay attention to how often and how much food is consumed, and look for healthier substitute foods.