Recognize List of Fruits to Launch defecation

Recognize list of fruits to launch defecation -  Difficulty in defecating, called constipation, often interferes with daily activities. To get healthy digestion, one recipe is to eat vegetables and fruits regularly and regularly. In this case, there are some fruits that are more recommended for consumption when constipation.

Difficulty in defecating or constipation is a digestive disorder that is common to many people as there are obstacles in the digestive system. Constipation is characterized by abnormal bowel movements. Disorders of the digestive process in the intestine produce stools that are dry and dense so it is difficult to remove. Constipation sufferers usually feel that they have not been relieved even though they have had a bowel movement. Other symptoms that can be experienced include:

defecation is not easy so you need to push.
The frequency of abnormal bowel movements that occur less than three times a week.

Recognize list of fruits to launch defecation

Prioritize Fruit Consumption to Launch Defecation

In general, handling defecation can be done at home by making several lifestyle changes. Some things include increasing exercise activities, increasing fluid intake and consuming foods high in fiber.

You can choose a number of fruits to launch a bowel movement, namely:


Who does not know the popularity of this orange fruit? A large orange contains 4 grams of fiber and provides about 86 calories. This nutritional value makes oranges as a fruit to launch proper bowel movements because they contain high fiber.


One of the fruits that are easy and often found in markets, kiosks, or fruit shops is generally apples. The benefits of apples are not only found in the flesh of the fruit, but the skin can also be consumed because it contains a lot of fiber. Natural fiber in medium-sized apples reaches 3.3 grams.

Pears and kiwi

These two fruits are indeed rare compared to oranges and apples. You can get pears and kiwi in supermarkets or fresh fruit shops. For a small size, a pear contains about 4.4 grams of fiber. The kiwifruit is a class of fruit with high fiber and low sugar so it is safe for stomach health. Just one kiwi fruit has given 5 grams of fiber and vitamin C is twice as much as the daily adequacy rate.

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Beware of These Fruits because Precisely Triggers Constipation

Apart from the presence of fruits to promote bowel movements, there are also fruits which actually trigger constipation. You are advised to avoid the fruits below to prevent symptoms or worsen constipation that has already been suffered.


This fruit is like a double-edged sword because it can have an effect to reduce or even trigger constipation. This different effect is influenced by the maturity of the fruit. Immature green bananas can trigger constipation. Meanwhile, mature bananas have a high fiber content so they can launch defecation. So, not completely avoided, but more observant in choosing a mature and quality banana to overcome constipation as soon as possible.


Similar to bananas that have a double effect, consumption of persimmon needs to be considered too. Persimmon that feels too sour contains high tannin acid. This can slow down the movement of food to the intestine and worsen the difficult condition of defecation. However, persimmon that tastes sweet tends to be safe for constipation.

Better to be eaten directly or processed?

No need to bother, you can eat fruit to launch bowel movements directly or processed. However, of course, it is better to be consumed in a state of fresh fruit. As a healthy variation, apples and pears can be processed into juice drinks. These two types of juice can increase fluid content and frequency of bowel movements.

If eating fruits is still not able to relieve or even exacerbate constipation experienced, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Immediately call your doctor if constipation is experienced accompanied by abdominal pain, there is blood in the stool and weight loss.

Constipation that does not subside for three weeks is also recommended to continue to consult a doctor. In this condition, eating fruit to launch a bowel movement may not have a significant effect in relieving severe constipation. Consult your doctor to get treatment according to the conditions experienced.

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