Various Benefits and Nutrients of Catfish

Various benefits and nutrients of catfish - Catfish is one of the most popular dishes. Come find out the benefits of catfish from its nutritional side, as well as the right portion for your health.

One of the most widely known catfish recipes, special catfish. In this dish, catfish are fried or burned and then equipped with vegetables and chili sauce.

Various benefits and nutrients of catfish

Nutrition of Catfish

Catfish, also known as catfish, is a type of fish that is widely bred for consumption purposes in Indonesia. This fish is said to have many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body.

Every 100 grams of catfish contains:

  • Energy 145 calories.
  • Protein 15.45 grams.
  • 9.09 grams of fat.
  • Sodium 65 milligrams.
  • 82 milligrams of cholesterol.
  • Saturated fatty acids 2730 grams.

In addition, catfish are considered one of the freshwater fish with nutritional content that is not inferior to seafood, such as shrimp, canned tuna, salmon and pollock. Catfish also contain lower mercury.

Catfish is one type of freshwater fish that is mostly consumed by the community. This type of fish is liked by many people because it tastes good and tasty and also because the price is quite cheap, can be reached by all people. As one type of fish that is commonly consumed, you must know what are the nutritional content and what are the benefits of catfish for public health.

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Nutrition and Benefits of Catfish

Another factor that makes catfish a favorite of the people is because of its nutritional content. Catfish meat is proven to be a source of protein and nutrition. Contains iron, vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. If you consume regularly according to the rules, the benefits will be felt gradually. The following are the benefits of catfish for health.

1. As a source of animal protein

Catfish are known to contain animal protein which is quite high at around 20%. High protein is good for your protein needs. In addition to catfish protein also contains leucine, methionine, and essential oils and amino acids with protein levels which are higher than meat and milk.

A study has proven that catfish contain high levels of methionine and Cytine levels. Where the content of Cytin serves to help the growth process so that it is well consumed by children and can also help the healing process of herpes.

2. Low fat

Catfish is proven to have a low-fat content and is also neutral or has a neutral triglyceride content. But what has a low-fat content is not all parts of the body of the fish only in the stomach, tail, and parts of the liver of catfish. There is also a fat content of fish that is complex so that indirectly cholesterol in the body will also be depressed.

3. Contains Omega 3

Omega 3 in catfish meat helps the process of developing the brain so that if you give it to children - children who are in their infancy will be very good. In addition, good is also given to pregnant women both for the health of the fetus. Another function of omega 3 in catfish is for nerve development and the sense of sight.

4. Low Mercury

Based on the data obtained, almost all types of fish contain mercury. Mercury itself is one type of heavy metal resulting from the disposal of factory waste and household waste that is harmful to health. If mercury enters the water it will turn to methylmercury which then binds to the protein in the fish muscle.

If you consume fish or other seafood excessively, it will cause you to experience health problems with many types. Therefore you must be good at choosing which types of fish have a small or low mercury content. One of them is catfish.

However, you must continue to consume in safe amounts in accordance with the rules of health. Especially if consumed by pregnant women or by children. Just give it just enough. So that the benefits of catfish for health can be achieved well.

There are still many other catfish benefits for health. Therefore the explanation will be classified based on the object of the research. Here's the explanation.

Benefits of Catfish for Toddlers

As you know, catfish have a fairly high nutrient content which is approximately 20% even higher than the total daily nutritional value recommended by health workers for consumption.

When you make dishes from catfish, most will make them in the form of fried catfish. The total content of omega 3 in catfish is 0.333 grams of fatty acids, derived from EPA 0.1 gram, DHA 0.137 grams, and ALA 0.096 grams if calculated from every 100 rams of catfish.

If cooked to dry catfish from 100 grams will be as much as the following 0.259 grams of omega 3 fatty acids derived from EPA 0.049 grams, DHA 0.128 grams, and ALA 0.082 grams. A nutrition expert Doctor Achmad Subagio from the University of Jember stated that catfish have a nutrient content that is almost the same as the nutritional value of beef if it is consumed in a certain amount.

Nutrition from catfish will be equivalent to nutrition in beef, with a ratio of 1 kilogram of beef with 2.5 grams of catfish. So if you want to meet nutritional needs and the price of expensive beef you can replace it with catfish meat. The nutritional benefits of catfish for toddlers are as follows:

1. To Stimulate Brain Development

For toddlers or children - consuming catfish is very influential for the development of the brain. Because the content of vitamin A in catfish meat is very high and also the content of omega 3 is able to stimulate brain growth for children so that they become smarter and more responsive.

2. Helps the growth process

The content of leucine in catfish is also useful to help the growth process of babies or children. Leucine helps with muscle repair and formation. There is also lysine which is needed by the body in the process of growth. In nutrition, it was explained that the amino acid lysine is the main framework for niacin to prevent the occurrence of herpes.

3. Helps Bone and Dental Growth

In childhood - bone and tooth growth must be equipped with adequate calcium consumption. So that when you grow up you don't have bone disease problems. The phosphorus content is higher than the phosphorus content in chicken eggs.

In the child's body, phosphorus will form calcium phosphate crystals, which then 80% will affect the growth of bones and teeth. The main function of phosphorus is as an energy source and strength for fat and starch metabolism as well as supporting dental and gum health, for the process of DNA synthesis and absorption and use of calcium.

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Benefits of Catfish For Pregnant Women

1. Optimizing Fetal Brain Growth

The content of omega 3 contained in catfish can help the development of the fetal nervous system and brain in your womb. In addition to the development of the sense of sight and also cognitive fetus in the womb. And that's no less important is to reduce the risk of allergies in infants, one of which is allergic to formula milk.

2. Preventing the Risk of Defects in the Fetus

Pregnant women who diligently consume catfish will help prevent the occurrence of defects in the fetus at birth. The content of B12 from catfish can help prevent the occurrence of nerve disorders such as NTD or Neural Tube Defect and other nerve disorders. In addition, it can also be used as a source of energy for mothers and children.

3. Preventing Bone Disorders

Consuming catfish is needed by pregnant women, phosphorus content can help overcome bone problems both in the mother and in the fetus they contain. If the fetus helps the process of bone formation in the fetus in the womb.

Because of this problem, many pregnant women lack phosphorus because they are taken by the fetus in the womb. Therefore pregnant women should consume enough phosphorus. so women are more often affected by osteoporosis than men.

4. Increases Immunity

Catfish are known to have quite a lot of protein. Protein is one of the nutritional needs for pregnant women that must be fulfilled, for the health of pregnant women themselves and also as the fulfillment of nutrients for the fetus in the womb. Protein also serves to help build muscle mass for the fetus.

5. Maintain cardiovascular health

Catfish are known to contain potassium and sodium which are good for maintaining heart health. So that pregnant women really need to consume potassium and sodium from catfish to maintain blood pressure and flow.

Because with the flow and smooth blood pressure will make oxygen needs in the body will be fulfilled and the fetus will be maintained safely. It can also be used to clean carbon dioxide in the blood.

The content of omega 3 also functions as a lowering of blood pressure so that the mother does not experience hypertension when pregnant.

After you understand the benefits of catfish for the health of pregnant women, you should also apply to yourself and also the environment around you. So that health can be felt together. Catfish is a complement to protein and nutritional needs if you cannot meet nutritional needs because the price of beef is expensive.

The portion of catfish consumption

In general, fish is one good source of protein. However, keep careful in serving fish, especially in infants, children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding. Choose fish that contain the least amount of mercury, such as catfish. Excessive mercury in the body can have a negative effect on the health of the body, including causing disruption of growth in children, tremors (tremor), numbness, depression, even memory loss in adults.

But keep in mind, catfish contain high levels of unhealthy fatty acids. These fatty acids are not good for heart health. To take the benefits of catfish, while reducing the risk, you should limit the consumption of catfish. In addition, vary the intake of other types of fish that are rich in nutrients, such as salmon and cob. Fish consumption is recommended around twice a week, or equal to 340 grams of fish a week.

No less important in taking the benefits of catfish is to pay attention to how to cook it. Cook in a healthier way. Compared to frying, catfish can be steamed or boiled.

Catfish is a good source of animal protein for the body. Choose a healthy processing and menu that suits your taste, to maximize the benefits of catfish.

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